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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    Finally got a confirmed build week today - week 30 commencing 26th July. It's taken just over 6 months to get my confirmed build week... God knows when it will actually be ready for collection.
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    A3 30TFSI S Line S Tronic, C&S pack, extended ambient lighting, diamond cut alloys, flat bottom steering wheel, wireless charger, high beam assist, lumbar support & storage pack. Ordered Jan this year, still no confirmed build week. Estimated October.
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    Audi Ring Puddle lights

    I believe you only get 2. The other 2 you'd have to purchase.
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    Auto Parking feature

    How far from the kerb does it park?
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    Can you pair 2 bluetooth phones simultaneously?

    As above, you need to spec the Audi Phone Box.
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    B&O Suboofer Issue.

    If you're unsure or unhappy with it, just take it in would be the best option, they'll be able to advise you best.
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    C&S pack, does it come with heater washer nozzles + headlight wash

    I'm pretty sure all LED headlights have to have washers installed to be road legal. I might be wrong though.
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    I take delivery of my S3 tomorrow!

    FYI, if you click the red "edit" button under your post you can edit it... Good luck with the delivery, hope it all goes well!
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    Don't think so, mine was also via Lincoln and i've been waiting 6 months so far just for a build week.
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    Latest update from Audi, my July delivery has now been delayed until October... Ordered in January... :wtf:
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    My previously confirmed build date for July is now apparently unconfirmed due to further delays... this was an order put in the start of Jan, already over 5 months ago now.... not happy.
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    Wrong car received...after 6 months

    what's the deal with the B&O shortage? first i've heard about that...
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

    How funny, I'm from Brighton but ordered mine from a dealership 6 hours away as well!
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    First time back at dealers

    I know they're not doing them atm due to COVID, but normally I would assume they would? Well at least I ****** would hope so being an Audi...
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    MMI view

    Say "I'm cold/hot"