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    MY11 Rear Lights

    Carparts4less sell the magnetti marelli ones for that price too
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    EGR Blanking plate 2.0 TDI. Any improvements?

    Delete and code out is the way forward we have 1 delete and 1 stock, mines messed about with, swmbo is stock, the difference is blindingly obvious hers shakes like a sh@tting dog at idle
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    drivers door lock issues

    Yep same thing happened to one of ours it was the solenoid just wouldn't unlock and had to use the key
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    vcds needed

    Where abouts in West Yorkshire bud?
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    Would i suit an S line A3

    Parts dept telling porkies again then!!
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    Would i suit an S line A3

    Isnt there Sline normal which is soft and the non cost option of Sline sport which is hard as? My Sline is a softer ride than my fiancées Sport and a damn sight softer than my mothers Sline with the Sline sport suspension option ticked
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    Best Alu Wrap for Side Mirrors?

    show me your results i was wanting to do something like this on mine, even though mines silver i like the look of the brushed mirrors
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    Disabling OEM Bluetooth

    It will be under the carpet, to get to it it's seat out, door trim off and carpet up
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    Why are these knee pads so expensive?

    The amount of these that darling buds sells I'm sure he makes them
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    Disabling OEM Bluetooth

    It is, it's much easier to pull the radio out than the seat though isn't it, no messing with airbag plugs etc etc
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    Disabling OEM Bluetooth

    Pull out the radio and take the piggyback loom out of between the radio and the main connector You'll get error codes because the coding will still be for telephone, but it won't stop anything from working
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    Disabling OEM Bluetooth

    Simple way would be to just unplug it from the loom
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    Phone and Bluetooth only 'Half' connected

    on my iphone in the bluetooth menu and then for the Audi UHV, there are options within the Audi connection to Sync contacts, show recents, show favourites. There may be similar options for your bluetooth within the phone menus
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    Front Interior Light Pack Roof Light + Rear? Advice needed

    I have the interior light pack and it has the black rear map lights, I don't know what the part no is for it, but it does exist. But yea the normal rear light is better, it functions much better as an actual light, the 2 lights are tiny and crap
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    My first Audi (A3 TDI S-LINE)

    You could get it flocked for an OEM look and feel, it wouldn't scratch up either like paint