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    Still love it

    This BB doesn't get the traffic it used to and we all know why -fewer B6's on the road, many have moved on as the platform ages, mileage and age on cars increases and values drop. Most all questions and problems long ago addressed and solved. My car is probably worth £1100. I consider that...
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    A4 B6 - B5 front spring perch mod fail!

    Hey -do your 20mm spacers rub on the arch? Didn't put anything on the front?
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    I thought wheel spacers were easy

    I'm looking to install 10" mm spacers front and 15mm rear on my 2004 A4 1.8T Sport. 5 X 112 -easy 57.1 cb -easy spigot length -drama My spigots are measuring a good 15mm, which apparently is too big for hubcentric spacers below that size. So I guess on the rear I am OK with 15" spacers but...
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    A4 cabriolet b6 wings

    I recently used: The panels fit very well and once installed alongside the rest of the car it's quite amazing to consider them next to paint that's 17 years old. The colour match is insane. Mail them first and they'll make sure you get the cabro variant.
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    Air Conditioning Compressor Survivability a4 1.9 tdi

    ...and just to be clear: the regass doesn't include the lubricant for your compressor. Your compressor has it's own sump which you need to add the PAG oil into before installation (by simply pouring it into the compressor port). From memory it's a relatively small amount 100ml maybe. Some...
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    Air Conditioning Compressor Survivability a4 1.9 tdi

    You'll feel the pump working as you slowly spin the flywheel on the compressor. You can do that by reaching down between the radiator and the engine with the serpentine belt off. If it just spins freely in both directions the compressor has most likely grenaded a long time ago. You might get...
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    Opinions on my wheels

    I opened your pictures wanting to hate them because I like clean OEM -but I don't hate them. I think they look alright. Probably the logo'd centre caps help the cause!
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    Read the engine sticker at 0:48...

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    Right Rear ABS sensor fubard. Bolt rusted. MOT TIME! Ahhhhhh!

    REVIVAL> Few tips for anyone that might search this issue. My rear right sensor threw the two orange ABS dash lights. VCDS reported: 00287 - ABS Wheel Speed Sensor; Rear Right (G44) 30-10 - Open or Short to Plus - Intermittent This job is fairly easy but for the fact that the sensor has been...
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Yes stevey -the switch activates at sub 20 (I think it is) oil pressure. Below that and it throws a light. Therefore oil pressure data doesn't exist (which is why you can't read it in VCDS). The switch is just "is pressure above 20 psi yes/no" Nearly all electronic gauges come with two...
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    There's been some talk of where to install additional gauges. Personally, I think A pillar and air vent gauges take away from the OEM finish, let alone the instrument cluster blocking ones. I thought I'd share my chosen oil pressure gauge location down in the change drawer by the driver's right...
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    Help please - Dash cluster and head unit say Safe

    I took my cluster out to replace the warning chime speaker. IIRC there are two separate plugs into the cluster. I do absolutely remember that these have to be reconnected in the correct order -because I got it the wrong way around the first time, which rewarded me with SAFE. Since there are...
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    Fuel smell

    You say no leak -however check fuel lining in the wheel arch just beyond back toward the cabin. The fuel line can rub over an extended period of time on a adjacent pinch weld and wear such that it produces a leak. If line compromised it's fuel tank out to replace. When mine went it was...
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    How to access the oil pressure sender?

    Hey -glad to hear that, Connor. I did mine from above. You just need to get a wrench on that switch which bolts in to the filter housing (number 17 in your diagram). If you remove the coolant reservoir out of the way (only when the engine is cold) you'll see far more clearly and have the room...