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    Tracking our new RS3?

    Mmmm - Cortina Mk3 1600XL - then Capri 2.0 Ghia - this was after 3 years of Motorbikes - Kawasaki KH250 - Z650 - Z1000...memories...
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    RS3 Build Tracker Spreadsheet

    To add to the list please - ordered this week (48?) to avoid price increase: carbon black SB - Kyalami + C&S - No quoted delivery - maybe Sep next year....
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    Tracking our new RS3?

    Audi used site has one for sale 71...
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    Facelift Chin splitter - awesome gti

    Got one = probably cheaper on automotive passion site though - sure I paid 160...fits with double sided tape...
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    GPF REVO Stage 1

    You wont regret it - got my Revo Stage 1 (GPF) end of last year (in the sale) - nice progressive power increase and really noticeable sound benefits. The pops and burbles are a hoot and seem to go on forever...
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    Insurance telematics boxes

    My son had one of these - ending up paying more through quarterly bills for excessive acceleration and hard cornering. Also monitor time in rush hours and speed - I wouldn't bother.
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    I did a thing

    Defo gloss black - check out the link...
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    I did a thing £99 on their e-bay site if that sways you....for gloss black
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    Generic RS3 snags

    some have complained of sunroof rattle or noise - mines fine though...
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    RS3 8V PFL battery

    Standard battery mode will be fine and uses slightly lower charge voltage - also this mode covers many AGM batteries - look in your battery charger manual. If needed you can use the recondition mode as well.
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    RS3 8V PFL battery

    I have the same and used the normal battery mode - worked well...charging points under bonnet
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    Rs3 opf filter; year?

    Love to try this - where are you? I am in SW England so maybe too far away...
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Check if this part fits your vehicle Contact the seller Maybe E-Bay....see below after a quick look... Picture Information #mainImgHldr { display: table-cell; vertical-align: middle; background-position: center center; background-repeat:no-repeat; -ms-background-position-x: center...
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    Facelift Pirelli Tyre Defects - Response

    Screenshot shows the sport edition with 8.5J front and the "normal" 8J...
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    Facelift Front Grill Quattro Lettering

    probably right - I just did a quick ebay search - I am sure there are more around...