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    VGS (Volkswagen Group Specialist), Kent

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience, either good or bad, of the above Audi Servicing and Repair Specialist who are based in Keston, Kent? Can anyone recommend an alternative Audi Specialist in north Kent? I have a 2011 A3. Many thanks.
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    s-tronic gear box oil

    Thanks mate Thought it was, but wasn't 100% Needs doing soon, A3s at 38k miles now
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    s-tronic gear box oil

    How often should the gear box oil and the filter be changed on an s-tronic gear box? Its a TFIS 1.8 A3 2001 Thanks in advance
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    Good afternoon.

    Where are the pics? :p
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    Window Tinting and UK Law

    I have been looking at getting my windows tinted and couldn't decide on what % to get on the front windows, so I have been doing some research on here and other websites to find out the current laws on window tinting. Obviously I don't want to be too much outside the law and have to have them...
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    Welcome to 2011 what's your plans for you car?

    remap + milltek exhaust system when i got some spare £££
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    whats you millage on your cars

    was brought with low mileage :P
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    New Years Eve

    Im sick as a dog - and will prob be spending new year in bed :(
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    Newbie with a few questions. Pics of my A3 within.

    some nice pics you have taken :) esp like this one ^^
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    wahooooo got my new a3 today :)

    get some photos up asap
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    S3 Drivers Door needed...

    its the colour dude... he didn't like the colour so thought he would drive into the side of it!
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    Looking for an S3, what can i expect?

    I just purchased a 210, 2001 S3 - had done 50k miles... You can get lower mileage cars - however you have to just keep looking.
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    Sammy P

    Part 1: iamSAMMYP - Sammy P - Allure Minimix Part 1 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Part 2: iamSAMMYP - Sammy P - Allure Minimix Part 2 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free