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    Vcds print out. Can anyone help?

    check the loom at door jam.........they tend to break wires which causes the issues
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    Vcds print out. Can anyone help?

    being a bit dim here.....but have you actually checked ALL fuses in ALL THE fuse boxes ??????
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    Issues updating interface

    have you maxed out number of vin's ? (some licences are limited to 3 or 10 etc) or is it a clone ?
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    Light and rain sensor retrofit

    A bit of an old thread however I came across this on my travels...... 8V0941531L 5PR SUPERSEDES TO 8V0941531AE 5PR but the problem is that it is NOT for halogen if the car has optional equipment / PR codes as listed below it may work if not its not going to work at all. A3 2013-14...
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    hi how do you get added to ther VCDS user map....