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    Had to turn my right down on the B&O, was just too much variance to be useful.
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    Anyone else with a manual selecting reverse instead of first!?

    No parking sensors unfortunately. Didn't think I was being especially heavy handed as it certainly hasn't required any significant amount of pushing down pressure to get it into reverse.
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    Anyone else with a manual selecting reverse instead of first!?

    Is it just me or is it too easy to get reverse instead of first? Nearly reversed into a car at the traffic lights thinking I'd put it in first but it had slipped in to reverse. Not the first time either!
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    Company Car question

    My company car was delivered on a low loader, to my home. Driver was helpful and friendly and did his best to explain everything but didn't know much about the tech (gave me wrong leads for iPod so had to drive to local dealer and swap them). No freebies or any fanfare. I did ask if I could...
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    Radiator fan keeps running?

    Thanks for replies everyone. It is a diesel so this DPF regen process make sense. Doesn't sound like I need to book an appointment at the dealer just yet then.
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    Radiator fan keeps running?

    Just noticed on my last two trips out that the radiator fan runs flat out for about 5 minutes after I've turned the car off. It hasn't done this since owning it (three weeks now) and wondering if this is a fault (no engine mgt lights on though), or is it doing it because the weather has warmed...
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    A3 buyers: what is your reason not to buy the saloon?

    I think the A3 saloon looks nice, but not as nice as an equivalent A4, so if I wanted a saloon I'd have the 4. I bought the A3 Sportback, because it it had a 184 engine, and I can fit the dog and fishing tackle in the boot! Practicality really.
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    S tronic Vs Manual

    I have a manual as a company car, only because it was cheaper! The manual is great so why pay the tax man £26 a month? Keep the extra £312 a year in your pocket and treat yourself to something else. If it was my own personal car I think I would have had the auto box, but I'm not paying the tax...
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Picked up last week and far exceeding my expectations. Have to say, the best thing for me about this car is the B&O sound system. It's just epic and puts a smile on my face every time I turn the volume up! Car drives and handles superbly, and the S-Line suspension set-up is fine for normal...
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    Which one?

    I've owned a A4 Quattro 190bhp before and loved it. Quattro is immense, and if I had a choice I'd spec it. Unfortunately, my new car is a company one, so in order to keep tax liability down I've had to have a manual fwd, but if it was my own car, it would definitely be a Quattro.
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    Glacier White. Chavvy/Tacky Or not

    White does look super cool, especially with privacy glass. That said, it's not for me. I ordered Daytona Grey, prefer grey or black on a car, just a personal preference.
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    A3 184 Register

    Mine's being delivered Tuesday 4th March, so just a couple of weeks left to go! 184 Manual, Sportback, S-Line Daytona Grey B&O Sound Privacy glass Aluminium roof rails Delete model and engine technology Not too many extras as it's a company car so keeping the P11D value down. Should still...
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    B&O advice plse

    Thanks for feedback Gents. Think I'll try my IPod plug and play first before worrying about anything more complex. Cheers All
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    B&O advice plse

    Picking up my new A3 in March and have upgraded to the B&O system, as good music is an absolute must in my cars. Read a few things about quality of music and the need to use SD cards, which doesn't mean anything to me. Was hoping to just plug in the iPod and leave it at that. Do SD cards allow...
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    Who collects on 1st March 14?

    Mine's in Oxford having it's PDI. Being delivered on 4th March. Day off work I think!