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    RS6/RS4 ‍♂️

    I see about 25 IF m lucky and taking it very easy but 21-23 is the norm. 8mpg common sight in the morning. Not sure whether my right foot is still a bit too heavy or the fact that its only done 8k miles and engine is a bit 'virgin' ?
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    Bit of a strange dilemma?

    Leave it be. You have been paid out by the insurance company and you have no technical right to it and the current owner might have bought it as salvage. Save the hassle and headache
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    Opinions on the condition of these brakes

    The 'missing' chunk is part of the manufacturing process. Nothing to worry about. Doesnt appear to be any pronounced lip on the disc but would replace the pads with new ones. Accurate way would be to measure the disc thickness and compare to new and worn specs. Just looks like its been sat...
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    Different part numbers all together
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    Interior trim - piano black

    I might have a set of door trims and main dash trim somewhere if your interested?
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    Front cup holder

    you have to remove the entire centre console just to get to the screws.
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    A6 C7 Avant Front Suspension Knock

    Glad to hear you got it fixed and relatively cheaply too
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    A6 C7 Avant Front Suspension Knock

    Check the anti roll bar link rods. They can cause the small knocking noise when they are very slightly worn
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    A7 wheels on A6

    Yes i know !!
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    A7 wheels on A6

    Standard tyre width is 255 for the A6. The A7 can accommodate a wider wheel and tyre so just double check it. Ive got 255 on mine with a very low ET on the wheels
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    Fitting Carbon Ceramic brakes on RS6

    Yes they can be fitted. The ccb models have a different brakes hoses and dust shields on the front. Expect to pay big money for them as you dont want cheap ones that cracks or chips in the discs. At £3826 each for the fronts and £3363 each for the rear plus pads and calipers etc etc its big...
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    Fitting Carbon Ceramic brakes on RS6

    I only end with a very very light film of dust on the wheels. Barely noticeable and a real pleasure to clean so easily. No chemicals needed or rusty discs afterwards.
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    Squeeky ceramic brakes on RS6

    MIne squeal as well. More so when they are warmed up. Not annoyingly loud but they are there. Only have 7k miles on the car but doesnt bother me too much at the moment. Brake squeal is common with ceramics and i dont think you will eliminate it completely. If you do then great
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    Dash dimmer knob

    no linky... i have etka
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    Dash dimmer knob

    £12.77 from parts dept. 4G0941158D