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    For Sale TT MK2 8j RAM Air Intake 2.0 TFSI 8J Battery in the Boot

    Up for sale around 8 months after purchasing new, replaced my TT with an 8p S3. Great sound and nicely designed to fit into the TT engine bay. Note this is their newer model that works with the cars that have the battery in the boot. ... fsi-black/ £150...
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    tfsi (all) intake leak fix, I thought should be shared

    My old TT had intake leaks, turned out to be down to the dipstick.
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    I’m trying to work out why I can’t send PMs can anyone help please?
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    Split Rim Alloys

    They look great, never seen those before.
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    Audi RNSE with Bose options

    My head unit has three sets of preouts. It’s powering all of the speakers without issue. There wasn’t any splicing when it was installed.
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    RNS-E Mk2

    Sold on eBay
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    Play in drivers door/ dropped

    I’ve read about essentially bending the door back into place, not sure how that sorts the play though. Off to a VAG specialist and a body shop friend, will see what they say. Worst case I guess I replace top and bottom hinges.
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    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    What did you use to stick them back together? Guessing I need butyl tape but not sure of the width I would need.
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    aftermarket bluetooth mic and road noise

    I’m having the same issue, I stuck mine to the screen just by the mirror. Will attempt to move it to the steering wheel.
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    Split Rim Alloys

    Makes a lot of sense and a good shout. There’s a reason why almost all for sale look terrible...
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    Play in drivers door/ dropped

    Searched a fair bit but didn’t find many answers. My drivers door has dropped, I can see this as it’s hitting the wing and has left a mark. If I open the door a small amount I can feel play. Checked the bolts on the bottom hinge in the pillar side abs they are tight. Debating a new bottom...
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    Split Rim Alloys

    Some crazy prices for mashed up ones on eBay, think I saw somewhere offering a split rim refurb price of £90 per wheel. That was on the assumption you would drop them off split and get them back split. Basically a lot of work!
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    Split Rim Alloys

    I like the idea of a shiny silver set with polished lip, massive pain to do mind you. Did rebuild a set of BBS RMs a while back with success
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    Split Rim Alloys

    Guessing you got them done all black without the polished lip?
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    Split Rim Alloys

    Interested to see them and what you might want for them.