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    Drop link problems?

    The droplink was replaced with TPS supplied part during its MOT, so i don't know what make was fitted. It should still last more than a couple of thousand miles though.... I'm going to get the front off the floor this week as I have a replacement set of engine undertray fixings to fit. I'll see...
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    Drop link problems?

    Hi I replaced the OSF drop link about 6 months ago after it started knocking badly. I'm not entirely surprised as the state of the roads here in Cardiff are shocking, particularly with 1.4TDI Sport suspension.... Anyway, it has started knocking again this week. I can't believe the new one is...
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    8L Hybrid powered APY S3 - Breaking for parts.

    It's listed on eBay - 302128009312 Thanks
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    Anyone on here used to own RX02KLO?

    Does anyone know anything about the history of a dolphin grey S3 RX02KLO? My mate has just bought it and would be interested to hear from previous owners. It's in very nice condition with 19" RS4's, Forge hoses and DV, heatshield and cone filter and what I think is probably a stage 1 map. Any...
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    Clutch advice

    A popular setup is a stock LuK DMF in conjunction with a Sachs paddle plate. I bought it on the advice of @Tuffty and @Gops and they're both running over 600Bhp. If you're not planning to go further than a stage 1 (didn't we all!...) then a LuK will fit the ticket nicely. If you're interested I...
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    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    It is sat on the drive Nick.....Waiting for it's new owner to pick her up on the weekend!
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    Prawn and BigAls A3 Track Car

    You'll be glad to know that I got home in one piece Nick - I took the old backroads to Swindon then joined the M4. First time I've been that way - They are interesting roads when it's quiet! That engine will go on forever - It's a testiment to Andrew, Gops and (to a lesser extent) me that it's...
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    8L Hybrid powered APY S3 - Breaking for parts.

    I'm breaking my S3 - the subject matter of my thread All parts are currently available, although some interest has already been expressed in the engine and wheels. Please PM me if you need more info or want to...
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    Welsh hybrid build - Like a phoenix?

    I don't know @scotty_24 but I have fallen in love with my mates R36 powered AWD Mk2 Golf. It's very, very rapid. It probably didn't help that he hooned me a few times in it....
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    Welsh hybrid build - Like a phoenix?

    I have made the decision to break the S3 - I'm planning to go down a different VAG route with a new project. All parts are available and open to sensible offers! Please PM me with any requests. I'm still planning to go to ADI, so that might be an ideal opportunity to hand over any purchases...
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    325 bhp

    For reference, my car made 324 bhp and 305 lb/ft on the Badger5 dyno recently. Its an early W plate car with a small port, narrowband APY engine with all the "normal" mods (see details in my signature). It's not the ideal spec and is maxed out in its present spec, but still good fun.....
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    Welsh hybrid build - Like a phoenix?

    I'm having a bit of a wobble this week! - I'm thinking about breaking the S3 to start another project. I've got my eye on a building a 20V Haldex powered Golf after I saw a gorgeous example at Badger5 during my remap. My mate has a shell I can use as a base, but it's going to be a lot of...
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    What have you done today?

    Fitted one 4mm macrolon (perspex) window before it started raining again. One of the joys of living in Wales.....
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    R32 powered MK2 Golf next....

    R32 powered MK2 Golf next....
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    Its turning intoo a track car ....

    It's ridiculous how similar our cars are specced and look! Mine's only a small port/narrowband APY, so a bit lower on power than yours :expressionless: