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    Wanted 8l s3 brake servo and MC

    As above, preferably in central Scotland or willing to post. cheers, Nick
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    b8.5 s4 discs different to b8?

    Thinking of replacing the discs and pads as eurocarparts have 60% off tonight.... Discs seem to come in 2 options: Brake Disc Thickness [mm]29,5 Brake Disc TypeVented Centering Diameter [mm]68 Diameter [mm]345 Height [mm]52 Hole Arrangement / Number05/06 Minimum Thickness [mm]28 Pitch Circle...
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    Brake pedal 'hissing'.........

    Broken link is this one: Ive got similar symptoms and the lubricating the pedal end didnt work :-(. I have found a crack in one of the hoses though where there appears to be some sort of valve. Does...
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    Revo Stage 1

    Thanks guys. Is it dangerous if a mapped car is run on 95ron fuel or will the car be able to ****** the timing to compensate? For the sake of £100 it sounds like the flexibility of the SPS is worth it for me. Returning to stock might be useful for a dealer visit, but im guessing the pulley is a...
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    Revo Stage 1

    B8 s4
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    Revo Stage 1

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a stage1+ and gearbox map and have a few questions: Will the blackfriday discount only apply to the stage1+ as you get £100 off the gearbox map if doing both? Does the SPS only apply to the engine map in terms of factory default? Is the SPS worth purchasing...
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    Power tailgate error code logging?

    Anyone care to comment on whether the attached shows any tailgate misalignment?
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    Hi, Would you be able to run a VCDS scan on my b8 s4 at all? thanks, nick

    Hi, Would you be able to run a VCDS scan on my b8 s4 at all? thanks, nick
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    Hi, I have an issue with the power tailgate on my B8 S4, wondering if you would be available to...

    Hi, I have an issue with the power tailgate on my B8 S4, wondering if you would be available to run some codes to check if there is anything logged? I'm in East lothian area but can come to you if suitable. Thanks, Nick
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    power tailgate error codes?

    Hi, Posted this original issue in general: :// Wondering if anyone knows if the power tailgate can drop codes when it gets into error state, ie not properly closing, impact damage or over extending of the hinges etc...
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    Power tailgate error code logging?

    I reported the problem 24 hours after i picked up the car and booked it into my local dealer to be inspected on the instruction of the original dealer. The inspection appointment was 17 days after i purchased the car (soonest the dealer could book me in). Ive not done naming and shaming yet...
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    Power tailgate error code logging?

    Hi, Anyone know if the power tailgate not closing properly (engaging the second catch) is logged anywhere or if the hinges etc are over extended? I bought the car from a main dealer and i was told at time of sale it was an electrical fault and just needed to be "reset" to fix the problem. The...
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    Audi S4 vs Jag XFS

    What did you actually use voice control for in the s4? I struggle to find any real use for it
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    Carista App

    This was the one i bought: I meant info from the Torque app, not Carista. Engine wasnt running when i got the message, just ignition on.
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    Carista App

    i just purchased a BT dongle and downloaded the app. The diagnostic works and i can get real time data from Torque etc but when i click on the customise section i get: "your OBD bluetooth device is defective. Checking for generic obd2 faults may work but you cannot use customizations in the...