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    RNS-E problem

    It sounds like it needed a reset, which, if you held the power button for 30secs is what it would do. Is it OK now? Have you added anything recently, like a new dvd map disc or music sd card? Also, the unit does self close after a period of time so that is not a fault?
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    Car revving itself

    Did the garage(s) tell you what the error code was? Were the VAG specialists?
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    Whining noise

    I had a whining noise on the nearside - turned out to be the missus :)
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    Dlr lights, headlights and fog lights on with “auto” option

    You can't have fogs on in the auto mode as you have to turn the light switch to activate the fogs. I think you can activate fogs to come on with dipped beam via VCDS though.
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    S3 8P Rotors

    IIRC they were a black edition std fitment on the facelift 8P S3 - they should be 7.5 x 18 ET54. I think the TTS may of had 8 x 18's and the RS3 were 19's. Be careful as there are lots of aftermarket replicas out there, but most of them will have a lower offset (usually around ET43), so easy...
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    A3 8p wheel size increase & tyre width

    When ppl say rubbing, then mean over speed bumps or on hard cornering. It usually catches slightly on the arch liner (they can start to droop as the cars get older too). I suspect you are OK with the Golf R alloys as the offset is ET50 which keeps the wheel tucked into the arch more. Almost all...
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    Parasitic Drain BUT not found using normal methods

    Does the Maxicue OBD reader read other modules as a lot of the aftermarket ones only read the engine ECU. I would get a scan done using VCDS. It is quite common for a door module to fail and it prevents the car going to sleep.
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    Parasitic Drain BUT not found using normal methods

    Have you had your car scanned for fault codes? Did you disconnect the larger fuses on the front of the battery box (from memory)?
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    Parasitic Drain BUT not found using normal methods

    There was some issues with other Audi's where the hazard light would stay illuminated -
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    Please help

    Check this thread out.
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    S3 8P buying advice

    The sweet spot for 8P is stage 2+ with an intercooler. The TTE420 will add more power for sure but you lose quite a bit of low down grunt. You will also need to replace the injectors to get above 400 bhp and this can get quite expensive as the best ones for the 8P are the 8V RS3 injectors (you...
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    S3 8P buying advice

    Gloss black surround on front grille, tinted rear windows, RNSE with bluetooth and different alloys. I think that's it.
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    A3 8p wheel size increase & tyre width

    You will get rubbing on the rears with anything over 225 width, especially if you're lowered.
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    S3 8P buying advice

    As above, check that the s-tronic/DSG box has been serviced, and also that the haldex has had new oil and a new filter (most Indies will replace the filter these days but Audi won't!). Also check that if it has the later revisions of dipstick, pcv and DV - I would budget for these if not - all 3...
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    Alternatives/options to get decent cup holders on Audi S3 2010