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    All Season Tyres - Nokian Weatherproof any good?

    Great tyres for winter. Had them on my e90 M3 and able to drive in snow better than a fwd
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    Xenon Headlight replacement

    Careful as to what brand you go for... we have seen chinese ones blowing ballasts!
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    Dashboard gone black, any ideas?

    Have a look at the wiring loom to control module... We had one in with same problem with a aftermarket parrot bluetooth kit fitted which trapped a wire to the cluster
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    Clutch Judder ..... 63 plate A4 B8.5 HELP !!!!

    We had on ein with similar symptoms... diagnosed as a faulty throttle flap and EGR.. Weird hey
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    S3 8p service requirments

    Depends what was changed on the last service..
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    Sepang blue s3 sportback

    Sepang deserves love :D
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    Suspension mount replacement S3

    It is quite common on the MQB platform
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    Gone and ordered a new toy...

    Awesome upgrade... and a lot of car for your money right there.
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    An S3 with a slightly different use

    This has to be a first though. Hats of to you for giving the students the oppurtunity... They'll have to wait till 25 to get a decent car these days ;)
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    Calling all 'misano' cars.....

    Misano is a beautiful pearl... any pearl colour will still look good dirty ;)
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Sepang deffinately is popular right now :D
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    NVM's B8 2.0 Tdi Build RS Style

    Totally skipped all these comments. Depending on control its not hard for us to do
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    How soon to use the S3 Launch Control and give it prolonged 'beans'!

    The launch control is pretty timid on the new s3. Rpm limiters are there for a reason. Although a good 500 miles break in is advisable.
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    NVM's B8 2.0 Tdi Build RS Style

    Engine seized at oulton park causing me to 4 wheel drift into the tyres... Looking for a mint S4 or a RS6 C6
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    NVM's B8 2.0 Tdi Build RS Style

    On copart