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    Help, can someone tell me what these wire connectors are for?

    Found them all, they are fine but not sure if the fault code will still be present as I don't have vag com to hand. I guess it saves the code even with the battery off?
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    Help, can someone tell me what these wire connectors are for?

    Trying to find the fuse location for the aux fan, is in in tr drivers footwell?
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    Help, can someone tell me what these wire connectors are for?

    Thanks for the replies, yes I have just had the cambelt done.... Prior to this the econ light had come on due to what I suspect was low pressure. I had it regassed last night but it obviously didn't work and it had thrown up some fault codes. Hopefully with it already being off it won't have...
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    Help, can someone tell me what these wire connectors are for?

    Got the econ light stuck on and noticed these wires were unplugged. Can someone please i.d them? It's the two connectors under the cover next to the power steering reservoir just behind the light. Thanks!
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    Service time again (Oil Advice)

    Eurocarparts often have a 20% discount offer code which includes oil. I used Shell Helix in my last car which met the correct vw specs. Current code is ALL20
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    Part number for mud guard things attached to the undertray?

    Anyone know what the part number for the little mud guard things are. They fit on the bottom on the under tray at the front of the car where it meets the arch liner?
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    Still losing coolant!

    What an epic journey! Well done!
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    1.9tdi thermostat location / guide?

    awesome thanks for the advice got it sorted today :thumbsup:
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    1.9tdi thermostat location / guide?

    Done a search but not joy. Is there a guide to change the thermostat? I know on my old b5 it was near the oil filter underneath. Anyone know where the bleed valve is for when the system is refilled? Thanks in advance!
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    Hello dirty diesel new A6 TDI owner

    Cheers for the link mate I have some now, bargain for a fiver!
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    Hello dirty diesel new A6 TDI owner

    Hi everyone, just sold my B5 TQS :crying: a car i promised i would keep, but due to new arrivals i needed something bigger. Just bought a 2003 1.9 TDI Sport and looking forward to some subtle tweeks. First job is sorting the crappy buttons for the climate control out...
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    Good price on new car

    Back with Flux for a second year. The renewal was a bit high on my old car but on setting up a new policy on a new car they undercut all the comparison web sites. Thank you. I spoke to Michaela who was very helpful. :icon_thumright:
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    Door Mouldings

    If you check my threads there's one for these. A company on eBay will do them at a discount. I got mine all in posted for £109. Make sure you get the new version with the plastic insert instead of the metal one so they won't rust in the future.
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    just joined !

    Both cars look awesome mate :thumbsup: