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    A3 3.2 vs R32 - Difference?

    for me, both cars say something completely different about the driver. the A3 says "i like nice cars and quality but arent too bothered about shouting out loud" the R32 says "wayhay look at me! i've got a fast car, go on 'ave it" from what i know (i had an A3 3.2) the a3 is lighter and probably...
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    Ready for the most vile coloured 07 Plate TT??!!

    two words: footballers wives
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    After A3, what next?

    moved from an A3 3.2Q dsg to a new mkii TT 3.2Q. wanted to stick with audi but didnt fancy anything else in the range: Q7 butt ugly, A4 new one coming soon, A5 just not sure about it, A6 not old enough yet, A8 bigger than my house, R8 in my dreams!!
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    S3 vs TT MKII 3.2 ???

    i' agree, think the 3.2 has half alluminium chasis aswell. dsg might have made a difference - audi say it does the 0-60 .2 seconds faster than the manual. theres a huge gap in handling from the A3 3.2 to the TT 3.2, but as you said the S3 has some aluminium bits
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    S3 vs TT MKII 3.2 ???

    dont understand all this 3.2 isnt that quick business to be honest. figures just dont lie. to get the most out of it you have to be giving it some stick V6's just drive differently than turbos.
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    A3 3.2Q vs TTmk2 3.2Q

    have had the new TT for a few days now and thought i'd post a few of my thoughts and comparisons with my outgoing (written off A3) here goes: 04 plate A3 3.2Q DSG sport with rns-e/tv function, bose, 6cd vs 56 plate TT 3.2Q STRONIC with cd sat nav, bluetooth phone prep, heated seats, cruise...
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    Newbie with SatNav question

    i'll beat the crowds on this one - try everything you need to know is on there - and our resident expert is craigyb! good luck and welcome to audi sport
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    leaving the A3

    yeah, i much prefer the lighter interior - i've had so many black on black leather audi's i got bored. heated seats for winter too ;-)
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    leaving the A3

    after my A3.2Q got written off i thought long and hard about 3 audi's - the s3, the a5 and the tt. just put a deposit on this and pick it up thurs: its the 3.2 (still love that engine) dsg (sorry - s tronic) with some goodies too...
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    Is Audi a wide-boy brand now ?

    i don't think any brand is safe these days - i've seen some absolutely heinous land rovers recently! i think its the price you pay for audi being more successful - bmw used to have a monopoly on ignorant/wide-boy drivers. for my money, audi is still the best at understated class
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    2.0 tfsi remap ?

    i know, my last 3 have audi's have had quattro but they only do the 3.2 tt with it at the mo, and i think i fancy a change of engine - lighter more economical blah blah
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    2.0 tfsi remap ?

    hi all, as some of you remember my A3 3.2 got a whack in the back from a truck and is now destined for the scrap heap :-( thinking about getting a 2.0tfsi TT (supposed to be more agile than the 3.2) and just wondering if any of you who've had it chipped on a non quattro version have had...
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    A3 2.3 Sportline Quattro DSG

    i looked at it in the past and you do have to be careful with the dsg box as i'm pretty sure on all current re-maps they have to limit the torque
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    Considering a new S3 anything i should be careful of ?

    if you werent bothered about modding it - i would suggest a 3.2Q they are awesome value at the moment and not too far off performance wise. you could probably get one with sat nav, tv, dsg etc etc for about 17k and pocket some dosh. either that of the tfsi - i think both are a no-brainer over...
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    3.2 ouch

    thanks for all the kind comments guys, and yes i did hit the car infront :) will keep you all updated on the new car hunt - but think i am going to leave it for a short while.