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    How to take off the front door card? Help.

    HI guys, My front passenger window no longer opens I have seen 2 screws under the door handle, which I have removed. Will there be any more.? Please help asap 'cos the window slides down. Thanks.
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    a6 2.5 v6 serious smokin is it similar to this.?
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    How to run a new live inside the car for amp????

    Hi, I run mine through a gap between the engine and door gap. Then i lifted plastic between the door sill and carpet the wires run under and are all hidden, then under the seat there is plenty of space.
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    AFB 2.5 V6 Timing trouble.

    Hi Guys, Has any one done the timing on this engine. If you have please can you provide let me know the way it has to be done. I.e. the steps to follow. Thanks in advance the timing went out 'cos the belt lost a few teeth we have removed the head to check the valves they have been parafin...
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    '99 2.5 AFB V6 TDi Timing problem!! Please help

    Hi Guys We will be doing the timing on Sunday. If some one has done it to the AFB engine please can you advise please. Thanks.
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    '99 2.5 AFB V6 TDi Timing problem!! Please help

    HI guys, I parked my car up on Sat it was running fine, came to start it on Sun. It would not start. I turned out to be 'cos timing belt lost a few teeth. Fitted a new belt now the timing must be slightly out cos it will not start. Can some one advise me on the best way forward please. How...
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    Pics of your A6

    I will put some more up tomorrow. It's a 2.5 V6 Tdi.
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    Struggling to start and loss of power. help.

    It turned out to be some senor that was faulty. Can finally drive it again.!
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    Struggling to start and loss of power. help.

    Hi guys, My 2001 A2 Tdi has developed a problem. It is very difficult to start the car.Takes 10-20 secs of cranking once started within in 5 mins of driving it completely dies. Then it is difficult again to start again. I have changed the glow plugs, battery is fine also. I am thinking it...
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    Best Rear speakers Audi A6 1999.

    Thanks for the advice I will give it a go this weekend.
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    Best Rear speakers Audi A6 1999.

    Hi guys, I have an A6 '1999 I have the standard amped rear speakers and sub in the boot. I have replaced the head unit and the new JVC unit drives the speakers hard. When the bass is high the rear speakers kind of pop and crackle. I want to replace them with bassy speakers. recommendations...
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    '99 A6 ABS light on. Controller not recognised.

    Hi guys, I have had the ABS light on the car for a while. When changing my alloys I found the front brake sensor wire had snapped, so I replaced the brake pads. I then tried to clear the fault. But or Bosch tool. Could not connect to the controller. No communication IS there any...
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    Bio Diesel?

    Has any one used Bio for this car.? 1.4 Tdi Engine.
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    dis-able front brake sensor 99 A6

    HI guy I have heard this is possible how do I do it please. Thanks in advance.
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    CAT gone.? A6 V6 tdi 1999

    HI I drove the car today on the motorway to work. Thinking the 30 minute motorway would definately heat up the exhaust and if soem thing was stuck it should have removed ( burned ) it. The more I drove the more the car accelerated. I came of the motorway and it was acelerating faster then...