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    M5 Temptation

    There's never been a bad M5 mate... I don't know if you watch the Grand Tour but in season 3 they test one and it's a mega car. The lap time it produced is off the chart for what it is...
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    I Dare You ...

    Washed mine and the Mrs cars last week and within 20 mins both had been bird-bombed... Cheesed off didn't even come close hahaaha
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    Fantasty F1 2019

    Shame for LeClerc was gutted for him. It would have helped my team a bit too hahahah.
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    Dealer Staff Car

    I bought an ex demo car several years ago and it was fine. Just make sure you check it over properly. On the flip side, last time I visited my Audi dealer, the service dept chap was bragging how he'd driven a 200km trip in a way too fast time in one of the staff cars... My car won't be going...
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    New Toyota Supra?

    I understand your point, and maybe I didn't phrase my previous statement correctly. All cars in this class are over-priced. In fact most cars in general. But I still stand by my point regarding the price for the power. Check out the competition, not just the Porsche Cayman. The Jaguar F-Type...
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    Wheel swap front to rear

    It doesn't. In simple terms, it knows the circumference of the wheel/tyre when you set it in the MMI. Any loss of tyre pressure will affect the circumference and the ABS sensor on that wheel will sense the difference. So in the same sense, if you pump up your tyres more, (say if you were fully...
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    Fantasty F1 2019

    The Mongs are back. Let's see if I can get 4th AGAIN hahaha!
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    New Toyota Supra?

    Remember that price is for the top spec one so the lower specs with smaller engines will be cheaper. Being a Toyota I would guess the specs would be pretty high, so for the same money and you'd end up with a poverty spec Cayman S with around the same power or a spec'd up Cayman with 300ps. So...
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    Launch Control not changing gear

    You must be doing something wrong I think, as you need to be in Dynamic to even activate a launch. This automatically puts the gearbox in S mode.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone on here. All the best.
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    Fog/cornering light question

    They do not need to be turned on to activate the cornering lights (low speed). They also automatically switch off above 150km/h as I discovered on a night drive through Germany...
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    Formula 1 (2018 Chat Thread)

    Here's a link to the story:
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    Formula 1 (2018 Chat Thread)

    Apparently Alonso had been cutting corners for three consecutive laps trying to catch the Haas. Charlie Whiting mentioned a potential black flag!
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    Prefacelift Audi rs3 engine cover + OEM Audi intake

    There is no pre FL engine cover. The cam cover itself is red.
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    PRE-fl RS3 understeer?

    They did this to make some extra cash as the staggered set up is an optional extra..