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    2021 rde2 S4 engine changes

    That’s good news Rich, same for me - I know the new Diesel engine has divided opinion but it has made it a viable option for me to use for work. Mine has been sat at code 10 since December but every two weeks when I get an update from the dealer the (still unconfirmed) build week moves onwards...
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    iPhone volume

    Ah I re-read the op and I think I mis-understood - so the phone volume goes to max, not the car. Could always try the old “delete the Bluetooth connection and reconnect” trick. Still worth looking at what type of connection your phone thinks the car is, also - I’m sure there is a Bluetooth...
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    iPhone volume

    Maybe try changing the device type setting on the iphone‘s Bluetooth menu? There’s an option for car stereo. On mine you can adjust the volume with the phone side buttons as well as the car volume knob ‍♂️
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    2.0 TDI S-tronic gearbox jearkines- Opinions wanted

    It’s hard to tell what’s going on as we can’t see the accelerator operation but have you tried it in different drive select modes? In my car (diesel DSG also) the clutch engages faster and with less “feathering” in dynamic than in other modes, in manual also it can feel even more noticeable. If...
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    Help before buying alloys

    The standard 19” wheel size is 8.5J x 19 / 5 x 112 ET40
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    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    If you don’t mind Vertigo, what spec did you go for and did the order go from “ unconfirmed build week” status to “its on the way” without notification from the dealer? I’m five months along so what I’ve been told (build wk 50) sounds about the same as you have experienced
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    Phone pair

    My guess would be that the car is using the phones SIM card for the MMI connection. Have a look in the connection manager and see if you can select another option under sim - you may have to delete the Bluetooth connection and set it up again. I had a Samsung S7 that allowed the car to use it’s...
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    New order…

    Not sure in my original post why I said June, it was actually May when I signed the paperwork so the week 3 projection would mean 9 months to the dealer at the earliest. Hoping I won’t lose the wireless phone charger but we’ll have to wait and see
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    New order…

    Thanks Rich, I didn’t want to be without the matrix lights and adaptive susp on the next car and in the end the S4 wasn’t that much more than the A4 40tdi Vorsprung. Plus in this crazy world I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be free to purchase new cars without hybrid interference (I don’t...
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    New order…

    S4 Avant Vorsprung in black
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    New order…

    Latest update is an unconfirmed build week 3, no sign of any email detailing temp keys or removal of phone box though, kind of lost interest at the moment tbh
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    New order…

    No, as L_G says - I have an agreement number from the dealer but no order number or confirmation of acceptance. Since the tracking app isn’t working either I guess it’s just a case of waiting it out
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    New order…

    Worth bearing in mind when I get one
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    New order…

    And not the band! Placed an order on a new A4 at the end of June and have still yet to have any real confirmation from the dealer that the factory have accepted/acknowledged the order. Contacted the sales person a couple of weeks ago as I’d heard nothing and again today - still no update and...
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    Configurator Changes

    It won’t even let me load my configurator code back in now. The rep said they were in the process of updating their ordering system but the customer site was already done. Like you say, have to ring and ask if they have confirmation the order has been accepted at the factory.