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    Facelift What's in your tool roll?

    I know this may seem a bit dull, but I had course to look in the tool roll in the boot of my MY2017 S3 today. Is my tool roll complete as the bits and bobs don't seem to fit in any particular place? What is the credit card shaped thing for? What is the see through plastic pouch for on the outside?
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    Facelift Engine Fan

    Yes mine too, in fact I asked this question about mine. Never had an Audi fan run on as much as the S3.
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    Best oil for 1.9 tdi avf

    Have a look on the shell website they list both a standard and a 'premium' oil for each variant of tbe engine
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    All season quiet tyres with best rim protection

    Sorry, just re - read the original Question ! I consider myself scolded! I got distracted by the question I quoted, I'm just so excited about the change the Michelin Pilot super sports have made to my car. I have heard some very good comments from people about the Michelin Cross Climates who...
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    All season quiet tyres with best rim protection

    I have just had a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sports fitted to My S3 and it has transformed the car completely, Admittedly the previous owned had a mixture of Pirelli and others, but the car is transformed. and they look great! If anyone wants a cheap pair of M+S for the winter let me know...
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    Retrofitting Boot Release Button Wiring

    Anyone ever done this on an A3 FL saloon?
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    Extreme Parking

    Went to meet an old colleague for lunch today at Trentham, and went for my usual spot he turned up in his rather nice Golf but wasn't quite as careful as me Anyone that knows Trentham will know if you want to park within hiking distance, it was rammed!!!!
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    Extreme Parking

    OMG ! a seagull bombed my bonnet earlier this year and it took an age to get the 'lime burn' mark off, eventually taking advice of mr @jassyo06 on here to use wet and dry paper!!!!!! worked a treat. Don't know if this link will work, but saw it and thought how well it fits in with what we have...
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    S3 hatchback with standard 19” Pics

    I have a MY 2017 S3 saloon running standard 19s and magride which I find noisy, it sounds 'open' behind you. Has anyone else noticed this ? and come up with a solution before I start working through this on my own? My initial thoughts are the folding rear seats.
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    Extreme Parking

    Noticed after taking the picture that my rear was just over 2 spaces here at Ikea Warrington tea time last night, the rest of the car park was rammed!!!!!
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    S3 hatchback with standard 19” Pics

    Not the wheels as that is how it came, but I do have 2 Cheap 235 19 M+S winters only 6 months use if anyone is interested for their winter wheels. give me a PM.
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    S3 hatchback with standard 19” Pics

    Standard 19's with magride and I think it's harsh even in comfort!!!! Handles like it's on rails now its fitted with Michelin Pilot Super Sports 235 19 ZRs
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    module location for audi a3 8v

    Is it a facelift or non facelift? Facelift above panel above pedals, non facelift behind fuse box C There is a very good guide detailing this retrofit, but you have to ask the originator for it directly.
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    Extreme Parking

    When you could go to Dorset without the other 10 million people!!!
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    Tyre advice

    Had 235/35 ZR19 Michelin Pilot Super Sports fitted all round yesterday, Whilst I was sitting waiting for the tyres to be fitted saw this on a screen on repeat in the waiting room.