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    Enable Layout Setting in Virtual Cockpit on A3

    Is there a 'how too' any where for the VC retrofit????
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    Frameless rearview mirror retrofit

    Yes, its only on the one with a camera in it you have to change the housing
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    Hi all

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    Petrol cap not opening

    Is it much of a job? I have ordered all the parts this morning. this was on my way to fill up
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    Petrol cap not opening

    Thanks for the suggestions, but I had already tried every which way, red cable, bumping, lock - unlock, judicious pulling, etc. etc. I have managed to get the flap open WITHOUT damaging the paint! by gently using several layers of insulation tape and a couple of nylon trim irons. and a suction...
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    Petrol cap not opening

    Can you elaborate on " a little persuasion " as I found that mine was stuck during washing this am, I have about 1/4 tank on an S3 to fix this !!!!!!!!!!!! When I lock and unlock the car I hear a slight click, and when I pull the red nylon cord in the boot (saloon) I hear something but the flap...
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    Audi A3 S Line 1.4 TFSI COD Petrol Manual - Electric Handbrake

    Check out or send a pm to creweaudiparts, You may well be surprised, there are many people on ebay and the like who seem to think that they can charge as much if not more than Audi for second hand sometimes broken and mauled second hand parts. You can change the...
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    Frameless rearview mirror retrofit

    Hi, I did this retrofit a few weeks ago and wrote a short guide for another ASN member, send me your email by pm and I'll send it to you.
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    Saloon owners Question

    Ordered - I'll let you know how this goes
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    Saloon owners Question

    Mine is a wonderful colour beige/green in fact with all the rivets and glue it looks like part of a WW1 aeroplane !!!!!
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    Saloon owners Question

    Question for all you saloon owners is there a trim panel in the boot underneath the parcel shelf or is it just bare paint ?
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    S3 lower grille on A3 ?

    Oh ******, at least it means mine was not a one off! If I were you I would get them out now whilst the bumper is off and and before it is painted so that you can get at the back of the clips at the back of the grilles.
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    7 speed S-Tronic service

    He didn't do the filter then, if if only took one coffee!!!