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    For Sale 2.5TFSI HPFP Upgrade

    Upgrade set for the original HPFP 12mm piston DLC coated up to 175Bar perfect for up to 500+ Setups New Fits 8P and 8J Engines Shipping to whole EU 280€
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    Nostrum BT Injectors EA113 700hp+

    iam also open for offers, we can talk a bit about the price.
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    Nostrum BT Injectors EA113 700hp+

    Selling my Nostrum Injectors, fitting all EA113 Engines BWA; BHZ, CDLA, CDLF.... ect Runned them 2 Saisons, build my Golf R back to stock, so selling them seperatly. flow at 200bars 36g/s , this i like 2200ccm² drove them with gtx30 gen 2 @ 580hp at 140bars of hpf you ll get the blue code, so...