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    Speed Camera POI

    I have a 2012 A6 , which has the Tech Pack (Google nav, online traffic etc). Is it possible to add the speed camera POI to my A6 (have 2 Sd card slots , and Sim slot in dash)? I am sure there are a lot of A6 owners that would be interested in this Cheers! Quattro25years
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    Audi 80 Cab Power roof NOT Lowering, Electic aerial fully extended- not lowering

    I have a 1993 cabrio , power roof will not lower. The electric aerial is fully extended and will not lower , will this prevent the roof from lowering ? here is what happens so far 1) engine running 2) turn "T" bar to unlock roof 3) all 4 windows lower 4) lift the switch to...
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    XCARLINK 2g mmi RGB input

    IPHONE CONNECTED TO XCARLINK ........watching videos / looking at albums covers using the xcarlink is fine, .....but when the iPhone is mirrored for example on the home screen the resolution is Not as good, when u look at the apps on the home screen they are a bit fuzzy around the...
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    Xcarlink installation Power connections

    Hi, Just bought the xcarlink ......... to power the xcarlink I need to connect the follwing wires 1) Red wire to 12V constant power supply 2)Yellow wire to 12v ACC power supply 3)black wire to ground can any one tell me where to connect the above in fuse Carriers ? (Which row of fuses...
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    Comfort Armrest Trim

    Now fitted the replace,ment parents the comfort armrest , here are the pics
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    2g mmi firmware update for Navigation

    Will stay well clear.
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    2g mmi firmware update for Navigation

    Cheers , Mines a 56 plate q7 built November 2006 -is this classed a very very early BT ? If BT module gets fried , how much to replace? don't know any one with vcds to re enable AC if disappears I guess audi main delaer will want they pound of flesh if I take it there- that's if they will...
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    2g mmi firmware update for Navigation

    Found a disc set on ebay Genuine quoted in auction ,but set of 4 discs seems quite cheap as disc 4 is 2013 DVD map updates ? AUDI A6,A8,Q7 MMI UPDATE FULL set 4CDs "SW 5570" , MMI HIGH 2G, Latest on 2013 | eBay
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    2g mmi firmware update for Navigation

    Hi, Wouldn't risk buying copies or downloads. Just need to find some one to do the update ,(not confident in doing it myself) - despite people saying its ok to do not bad etc.. By updating can it fry the Bluetooth module ? , and A/C disappearing from mmi screen Thanks
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    2g mmi firmware update for Navigation

    Hi a6chris , I know its only Birdseye view, but I would still like it. Is it possible just update the navigation and nothing else (don't want to loose battery meter , etc) Thanks
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    2g mmi firmware update for Navigation

    Hi, I would like to update my 2g mmi navigation so I have the option of 2d or 3d maps. I know you can buy the 3 discs for the 5570 update, BUT I ONLY WANT TO UPDATE THE FIRMWARE for the NAVIGATION, IS it possible to just update the navigation firmware ? many thanks
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    Comfort Armrest Trim

    Any ideas any one? Could do with some assistance. Thanks
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    Comfort Armrest Trim

    Finally got the part for the comfort armest. (Click on above for bigger picks of the part) cost of part was £13.44 including vat. Any ideas on how to take the armest apart to, fit the part. So far..... 1) Removed the rubber base of,the cup holder - this just pulls out, Then noticed hex...
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    Ipod,iPhone,ipad WORKING ON MMI (it has been done)

    Hi all if you read the postings below , it proves that the ipod et all can be mirrored on the MMI system - I don't mean just video, the whole screen is actually mirrored - just like if you mirrored you ipad etc using Apple TV It is shown working on a Q5 , well worth the read Xcarlink...
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    Ipod/ipad/iPhone mirroring on 2g MMI

    Hi all I think i have found a way of mirroring the iPhone on the 2g mmi , providing you have a xcarlink installed. Once the xcarlink multimedia has been installed in the car. you need the following connections. New TV LCD Monitor Cable Connector Leader To VGA Adapter For Apple iPad1 /...