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    C7.5 Black Edition Front Lower grill replacement - help please!

    They do just pull out, but they’re pretty tough to remove. Wear gloves, the edges are pretty sharp, and start with trying to get the inside edge loose first. if you have ACC fitted, do not remove or adjust the radar sensor :thumbs up:
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    RS6 Mirror Theft- Help!!

    The S and RS models are the cars of choice for some of the smash and grab gangs, as well as opportunist thieves, however the big boys S/RS don’t seem to attract too much attention, unlike the 3 & 4’s which you hear of almost daily. Of course it will also depend on where you are in the...
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    Audi A7 warning lights

    I believe one of the forum sponsors is London based - @NHN if I recall correctly. Good place to start :thumbs up:
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    Audi A7 warning lights

    It sounds like a power issue caused by Halfords tapping into power somewhere they shouldn’t have :blink: I would have gotten someone with VCDS to scan the car to diagnose what was triggering the failure. I hope Halfords will be picking up the costs.. Good Luck. John :hi:
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    A7 resolution for DAB FM AM and Bluetooth drop out

    Interesting….. The DAB radio in my S7 has always been a huge disappointment, and was back at the dealers multiple times to try and find a cure. Pretty much everything was changed, including the head unit, and amplifier modules. Audi HQ were involved as the investigation was within a few...
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    Re programming steering wheel "star" button

    I don’t think I’ve seen anything online that refers to being able to reprogram the * button, outside of what’s available within the mmi interface. :hi:
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    Constant window misting

    Misting happens all the time whenever I have the AC switched off (2016 S7) I’ve always considered it normal as one of its functions is to act as a dehumidifier when it’s running, which is one reason Audi recommend it’s always on. if there is no obvious damp within the car then I would consider...
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    Carbon Fibre bonnet

    You should keep an eye on the US AudiZine forum :thumbs up:
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    A6 Smart Phone Intergration

    If it has the MIB2 MMI system, then it’s likely able to be updated via software. The MIB2 system has the two USB connectors under the armrest :hi:
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    Carbon Fibre bonnet

    I like it, and I like that people also like to personalise their cars :racer: When I started (lightly) modding my S7 there was almost zero being done on the C7/7.5 platform in the UK. :thumbs up:
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    Snow Chains for trip to alps

    Copy of the new rules here. It’s not just the Alps region that require “special equipment” any more :hi:
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    Heating element rear quarter glass?

    On my old A6 the diagonal antenna was for the TV tuner, maybe it’s the DTV antenna….l
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    Interior trim - piano black

    For a more cost infective solution, I would consider wrapping the parts. There is plenty of high quality wraps on the market these days. Have a look for a wrapper in your area, and go have a look at what’s available. Will obviously be cheaper if you can disassemble the parts and just have...
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    My car ate my SIM card!

    I did this, only once mind, and it was a few years ago. Its possible to “insert” the SIM into the gap between the actual SIM carrier and the body of the MMI unit, and not realise you’ve done it till it’s too late. That happened 3 yeas ago and it’s still in there :yum: I went to my operators...
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    Interior trim - piano black

    There is some carbon stuff on fleebay here John :hi: