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    Help Please Audi A4 B6 Quattro 3.0 V6 Rear Differential

    Does anyone know if i can get a newer diff code for my vehicle as the installed one is noisy due to wear or maybe oil loss, were there any recalls or diff codes to avoid? My diff code is ETS see picture attached for my vehicle details thanks in advance.
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    VAG Option Code's Decoder

    i am showing my age now lol
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    Always about 2019

    Always about 2019
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    VAG Option Code's Decoder

    Seems the link is dead :( and i liked that decoder too.
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    3.0TDI V6 Auto Trans - 2 Faults Found

    Took the car back and got my money back.
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    Can't find the front crash sensor seat leon mk2

    Hi all been trying to locate the front airbag crash sensor on a 2006 seat leon mk2, I have checked online and it shows it to be down near the front lights or behind the grill near the bonnet catch but it is no where to be found, could some on shed some light on this problem as it's very...
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    Airbags deployment due to minor bump

    Hi looking for some information on resetting airbags after a small bump, I guess I will have to replace the dash as it's damaged from the airbag and the belts have become unusable as they were not buckled so are stuck solid, I see airbag sets.on eBay Inc dash belts and steering wheel bag and...
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    3.0TDI V6 Auto Trans - 2 Faults Found

    Today my automatic transmission on my 2006 A4 went into limp mode showing 2 faults below: 001924 - Shift Monitoring P0784 - 000 - 4-5 Shift Freeze Frame: Fault Status: 01110000 Fault Priority: 0 Fault...
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    Your right m8 search and ye shall find! :kissmyrings:
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    A3 2.0tdi Sport will not start

    See pic for location Richy
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    A3 2.0tdi Sport will not start

    The tan pump is on the top right side of the engine (lookin at the engine with bonnet up) and will most prob have a seal problem, common fault. I the tank pump is hard to hear working unless you pull the back seats out etc.,. Richy
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    Slight hesitation while accelerating in second gear

    As the title says hoping its not the gearbox 1999 A8 2.8 APR EBX,while acceleration softly in second and the revs come to about 2300 the engine hesitates for a second and the revs drop around 100rpm then start back climing again steady ?!any ideas much appreciated Richy
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    A3 2.0tdi Sport will not start

    Hi m8! the problem i had was fixed by replacing the tandem pump seal, it was leaking ever so slightly It was allowing air in the fuel system and causing an air lock which in turn caused a non start.
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    Hi all just a quick update, done the job and all went fine dropped the bottom arm off and used the stretch boot with cone also just to add the tracking did need adjusted! it was only out a little but was noticeable when the steering wheel was strait (pulled to the right) amazingly Quick Fit...