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    Sports Suspension vs mag ride

    I wouldn’t say it’s night and day but it does make a difference and would be on my list. However if the car is as good as it sounds then I’d forgo the mag ride but top of my list would be the sports exhaust. Does it have the SS seats, that’s another must have IMO?
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    Oil Grade Confusion

    I’m leaning towards an Indi mate after that fiasco!!
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    Oil Grade Confusion

    Just to follow on from this, just had my 2nd service and after I was given a 5w-40 top up a few weeks back, presuming Audi decided to change from the 5w-30 used previously, I checked and they have in fact used 5w-30 again, so seems I was given the wrong top up oil, thankfully not needed to top...
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    Facelift New exhaust tips

    Great work! Can I ask which Audi dealership agreed this? My local dealer said a while back it was something Audi were looking into but at that point couldn’t offer any help. They did replace the whole back box on my previous S4 which badly corroded but as a one off gesture, 6 months later it...
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    RS3 2018 Saloon Price

    Totally agree, the SS seats just make the cabin that more special looking and for an RS model!
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Check out that ***!! Lol A little touch of red on the diffuser :friendly wink:
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    Oil Grade Confusion

    Thanks @T-1000 Will just keep this latest 5w-40 oil for future top ups as sure Audi will be filling it with this at the next service! Thankfully my cars fairly good and not needing topping up that often.
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    Oil Grade Confusion

    Also, car booked in with Audi for oil change and inspection in a couple of weeks so presume they’ll be using this new oil, is it decent enough for a stage 1 car or should I be supplying my own oil at a better grade?
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    Oil Grade Confusion

    Hi guys, so just been reading this thread and very timely as have recently picked up some top-up oil for the RS3 from the dealers. Having previously been given the Castrol Edge 5w-30 I noticed that the new oil is now not Castrol and also 5w-40? Am I ok to use this as a top up even though the...
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    Door dents!!!!

    He’s moved up north now unfortunately!
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    Facelift New exhaust tips

    Hi, the tips are welded on so not sure it’s easy to change them without replacing the entire back box! Some have just re-sprayed their tips @T-1000 i recall did a great job.
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    Facelift Front Grill Quattro Lettering

    Who are you trying to contact - Blacklabelz?
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    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift RS3 8V In Here

    Congrats on the new RS3 mate! I’m one of the RS3 Norfolkians so hopefully see you around :icon thumright:
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    Nice little interior upgrade if you're feeling brave...

    Looks really great! Did they fit in situ or have to remove the panels by method the OP did? Or did you remove panels yourself? Roughly how much did it cost?
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    RS3 OPF Exhaust

    Think you’re looking around £600-700 for a stage 1 from a reputable tuner. No problem with keeping OPF as tuners have been offering this now for a year or so, although yes the power increase is slightly down on the pre-OPF due to the restriction.