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    Do you declare your mods?

    get the Cayman Staz, starting to really enjoy mine :wub: im still missing my A3 BE though :kissmyrings:
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    Dinged my sill :(

    what happened John?
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    Rotor Refurb

    i am lad.. :yum:
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    S3 is home

    thats a great price for the finish Mark! but too far too travel :sob: your car is looking fine fella anyone know/recommend somewhere in Northwest? for powder coating wheels.
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    S3 is home

    Looking good Mark :thumbsup: what colour is that? as next month Im hopefully getting my wheels refurb'd but dont want silver on my black Cayman . also can i ask how much? as mine are only 18"
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    Number Plates, UK legal

    what size is your plate?
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    Number Plates, UK legal

    thanks, want to stay legal so will space the grouping :unsure:
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    Number Plates, UK legal

    I've bought a private reg and I'm now looking to order some plates. As my reg is only 5 characters long, i'd like short plates. I know these are legal as its the type font, size of font and spacing between characters that needs kept with the definitions set out by the DVLA. but I'm a bit...
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    S3 full car plastidip

    any side shots?? looks good
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    8P Reflections.....Lets see yours!

    can i join in :friends:
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    how was AITP?

    no photo's anyone :shrug:
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    how was AITP?

    to all that went today, how did you get on at AITP? all photo's will be much appreciated :friends:
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    New short pressed plate fitted

    its my old one :sorry:
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    Posible to change via vagcom?

    you tell them Mark :laugh:
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    New short pressed plate fitted

    hi Jonny, bought my reg plate today. simple 5 characters long. You sure yours is legal ? as the font doesnt look correct. (does look nice on the grill)