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    60k loan please...

    Imagine you forgot to pay the £25 to keep it on retention one year...
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    your next car is gonna be a............

    I take it by the fact that you're looking at something like an x5 you need a bit of space in the car? If not then you need a slap for even considering it lol but if you do.... I'd go for something like a 540i if you wanna keep it BMW, or an ST220 estate(try it it's worth it) or an alfa 159...
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    replacement for a Puma

    After you started this thread i actually decided i wanted a boxster lol so on impulse i decided i was gonna use the car allowance to actually buy a car. Went out, picked one, drove it and all but left him the deposit there n then. Then i checked out the insurance lol, £1700!!! ouchies I'm...
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    Seat Cordoba SX 2.0 16v 1998

    I'd try on seat It's probably the same as the ibiza GTI 16v i'd imagine
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    I think I've been cheated!

    I feel sorry for you, to an extent but you've been told several times in this thread alone what your best option is - and in my opinion the only sensible one. Take the car back and cancel your finance agreement, you dont need any reason it's your right. A grand is a hell of alot of money...
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    replacement for a Puma

    Utter mince (imo lol) To me it shouts 'i like driving' It's not hard to find opinions on the boxster, you can be guaranteed that if you pick carefully you'll have lots of fun and they arent all that expensive to maintain just needs looked after really. The jag on the other hand whilst...
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    I've personalyl never been to Hurghada but (my parents) have a flat just outside Sharm. Lovely place lovely people however it is purely a tourist town so isn't 'real' Egypt so it depends what you're going for really. If it's just to relax in the sun for a couple of weeks and do some...
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    Time for a whip around, group buy?

    £2.50 And i'll fly it home :racer:
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    Help me decide

    Just as well i wouldnt mind selling it i na few months..... lol Mind you i say that now but i can see me actually liking it and wanting to keep it/ dump a vr6 in it
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    Help me decide

    Lol yeah i suppose it does kinda fit with that doesnt it ah well
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    Help me decide

    I know i really dont like the wheels but given that its cheap and i wont keep it long i dont think ill bother changing them unless i find somebody to swap me lol
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    Help me decide

    Well in the end i bought....... none of the above Looks nice and tidy just gonna change the belt when i get it home and then see how it goes. Always liked corrados if i enjoy having this one...
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    Help me decide

    Ok i definately cant afford a 20vT possibly could just get a 16vt, are these the same as the straight 16v as in the engine needs to come out for almost any work??
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    Help me decide

    I remember the older (mk4?) astra vans being quite quick, basically because there's no weight in them i think. Its kind of the boring option, if i was gonna lease a car i could get a 150 cdti astra 3 door or a 105bhp tdi golf for around the same money, and out of those two the astra wins every...
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    Help me decide

    Ok it looks a bit like a turbo in good nick will be just outside my budget but i could pick up a 16v or 20v n/a what are they both like?