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    TTS (2012) owner looking for directions :)

    Welcome! Best bet would be to read some 8P S3 threads as the engine from the TTS and the S3 are close to identical. If you have a manual, you best budget for an uprated clutch and flywheel replacement once remapped. I had a manual 2010 S3 remapped by APR from 11k which covered a further...
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    Boom A45 AMG FL to RS3 8v within 48 hours

    Yeah search the number plate and it was in the classified section. It was tempting at the price. It was not listed as having dynamic pack but the sales ad on here showed it does. Enjoy :smiley:
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    Decent used RS3 deals

    Anyone seen the super cars of London YouTube rs3 video? There's at least one car from the rs3 launch day on the used car network. I presume there are or have been others. The red one at Edinburgh KW15 GXO. Bet that has been well used. Pay your money, take your chance all 42k of it...
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    January targets deal...

    If I'm not mistaken, is that picture taken near the Electric Brae?
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    Hi, No screws for sale. Regards

    Hi, No screws for sale. Regards
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    No, sorry.

    No, sorry.
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    8P3 S3 manual 4k rev limiter

    Yes, I'm sure they're supposed to be like that.
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    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    Anyone got Shark performance software for S3 or Golf R? Got an email today promoting it, Golf R made 350bhp and 475Nm. Looks like it was N8's Golf R based on the RR print out. Can't see anything about it on the usual forums.
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    Reverse light 8P 3dr

    By resided in Germany, I meant it was a RHD UK car taken to Germany for 12 months or more. From Importing your UK-registered vehicle from the UK to Germany If you spend longer than 12 months of the year in Germany with your UK-registered car, German law...
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    Reverse light 8P 3dr

    How long has he had the car? I suspect the car has resided in Germany where it is required by law to run LHD rear lenses and LHD Xenons (if fitted). Probably a squaddies car. This requires the wiring to be altered. When traded the rear lenses have been returned to RHD however, the wiring...
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    8V S3 Tuning Thread

    I assume there is news of "proper" remaps due soon? Suppose it depends on what the figures of these maps are.....
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    iPhone Diagnostic App

    Can you recommend an Wifi ELM 327 or will any old one off the bay at £10 do? They seem to range in price quite a bit and just wondered if you get what you pay for.
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    Audi S3 Rear End Whine

    I have noticed this too. Seems to happen accelerating as the weight is transferred to the rear. I'm putting it down to either a wheel bearing or tyre noise rather than rear diff. Hope I'm not wrong...
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    Downpipe cracked on my S3.....Ahhhhh!

    Front lower engine mount (think that's the name) insert to reduce engine movement as Millteks were cracking frequently so they include this as part of the fitting kit. Undo bolt apply lubrication which I think is included and insert before torquing up.
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    2.0Tfsi........How much oil does yours use?

    Mine was the same when using dealership Castrol 5w30 however, my local dealership was taken over by Lookers and started using Shell Helix Ultra 5w30 and oil consumption has gone up (they used to pride themselves on using "the ONLY oil Audi recommends" which was written next to the cost on the...