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    Scottish members - anyone with VAG COM to help me diagnose issues with car.

    here's a link to vagcat the site I was on about the other day. free to register and good for part numbers, although some of the parts have been supercedd now but the parts dept at audi is helpful and will give you new number/prices etc. Ask for Grant. Also, link to list of fault codes as per...
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    Scottish members - anyone with VAG COM to help me diagnose issues with car.

    No worries. I will send that stuff over when I get back about the 18th. If you are running Windows 7 you will need to download the WinXP emulator (free from microsoft) first. The car will be nice once you get it fixed up. Ross
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    How to replace sidelight bulb holders (Image Heavy)

    Hello all. I noticed a post recently regarding this issue, which I also had on my S4. It appears though the bulb holders were getting embrittled whether it be through heat or age I don;t know however one of my sidelights couldn't sit in the holder as it had cracked and broken. MOT time is coming...
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    Part Number Help Please

    for future reference mate you can use a website called vagcat. it has online parts catalogues. you do have to register but it is free and you dont get any emails etc. also watch out if you go to order parts quite often there will have been an update to the part no but the...
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    will this work.....?

    Hi. Cruise stalk part no 4D0 953 513 C, think it came from a D2 A8/S8. Will this be suitable for my 99 S4 avant (facelift) to retrofit CC? Thanks. Ross.
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    mp3 via oem headunit?

    Hello all. Firstly, I have tried search but it isn't playing tonight for some reason. Right, (99 S4 Avant by the way...) I used to have a Phatbox that I kept when I changed from 8L S3. I couldn't get it to fit without some mods so off it went but now I want to get some digital music collection...
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    Xenon headlight arm, snapped clean off :(.

    by the sounds of it you are referring to the level sensor and its linkage to the lower suspension arm? if so sounds like you need a new sensor and linkage mate. sensor iirc is about £80 from audi and the linkage is about £15 also audi.
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    Which Rods - S3 BAM

    Believe they are basically a hole in the con rod which goe from the big end to the small end to provide lubrication directly to the gudgeon pin/small end contact surfaces. The S3 as standard i believe has the oil jets that fire oil from the block up to the underside of the piston and I assume...
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    What was the dislike for?

    What was the dislike for?
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    now sat on 18"s

    What do you mean? are you unsure what size your wheels are? look on the sidewall of the tyre? (i.e. 225/40 ZR18 or 224/45 ZR17 etc etc) sorry if i have misunderstood.
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    immobiliser help

    you could try a company called "Express Auto Keys". If you aren;t bothered about it being a flip key then they can do you a key with transponder for £45 delivered. They need you to send a high resolution pic of each side of your existing key to them anbd you get a key back in the post. I used...
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    Rear exhaust heat shield

    which one is missing mate? far as i remember there are 4 bolts (2 each side) which go through the exhaust mounting brackets and through the heat shield into the chassis/body, then two nuts at the front that go onto threaded studs which are part of the rear ARB mounting clamps, and two more nuts...
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    DISASTER!!!! - coil pack snapped

    could try ramming a bit of garden hose down on it (if it'll fit over) and see if that will pull it out. should be like a chinese finger when you pull on it.
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    How to replace the blower brushes.

    Good Effort! I bought a new fan on fleabay and fitted that. Wish i'd searched a bit harder for brushes now....