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    Genuine Audi A4 S4 8K Chassis Rotor Style Wheel 8K0601025CN

    I’d say it certainly is by the part number but the 5x100 is a typing error. No harm done really.
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    Does anyone else have a GOODWOOD GREEN S4 B6?

    I remember seeing 1 a few years back in Moston, it also had green leather seats!
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    Alarm going off Audi B8.5

    I had the same problem a few months back. My car had been in storage for 12 months while I built a garage with the battery disconnected. Someone I know with vagcom read the codes and there was 1 there about the alarm but I don’t know what it was. We cleared the codes and it’s been fine since
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    Temperature gauge light fickering

    The light that lights up the 2 on the tachometer flashes every now and again on mine as well. It’s not done it for a while but must be a bad soldered connection. There is a company I’ve seen on wheeler dealers that repairs clusters, I can’t remember their name though.
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    Winter tyres in London/Home counties

    I run them on my standard 19” Le Mans and run mid-low 30’s all round. Mine are ps3’s so older than yours. I’d imagine the Pa4 will be a decent upgrade from the 3 as is usually the case with Michelin. My ABS kicks in so much sooner than on PS4s’s it feels dangerous and don’t even get me started...
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    Rs4 rep alloys

    8.5 width with et 35 is quite a flush fit as it is, add a spacer in and you’ll be poking. Your only possible option would be to have them machined out to the right centre bore. Have you checked the cost of a brand new set of reps in the right size with tyres from somewhere like wheelbase? There...
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    Winter tyres in London/Home counties

    I’ve got a set of Michelin pilot alpins that I’ve had on the past couple of winters. They are supposed to be the most performance orientated winters, I’ve found them to be excellent in the few days of snow a year we get on the Pennines, other than that I think that wet traction/cornering is...
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    Plenum chamber drain holes

    I’m not sure exactly where the drains are on the B8 as mine is garaged so never needed to clear them, I’ve cleared the 1 on my B6 a few times and also on my mates BMW using this
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    Removed electronic dampers - dash light
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    Removed electronic dampers - dash light

    Kw do a cancellation kit, I think it’s some sort of resistor that plugs in and tricks the control module into thinking the active suspension is still fitted. I think I may have seen that someone else had released a similar product but can’t think who it was
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    Help Please S4 Avant B8 stolen last night

    I’ve always said once it’s gone it’s gone, I don’t want it back! Fit a ghost to stop it going in the first place but even then they’d damage it trying to take it
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    Alarm keeps going off!

    Didn’t realise it had the controls for the alarm in the siren, in that case I’ll give it a go. Other than that I wonder if it’s possible to have the alarm coded out so I can leave it in place in case it’s something else and I can put it back on at a later date?
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    Alarm keeps going off!

    I forgot about the alarm situation earlier and locked the car, the alarm went off a minute later and wouldn’t turn off! I tried pressing the buttons on the key, ignition on, started the car etc and nothing would stop it. I ended up disconnecting the battery and it still ran on for a couple of...
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    Alarm keeps going off!

    Cheers pal, u don’t know where the siren is do you? And how much they cost?
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    Alarm keeps going off!

    Anyone ever had their alarm randomly go off? Whenever my cars locked it goes off within a couple of minutes, but the hazards don’t flash! Luckily it’s locked in a garage over night but I can’t use it to go anywhere I need to get out and leave it parked up!