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    Clutch slip

    20,800 miles - clutch slip in 5th,6th, Lake District Audi- wanting to charge £500 j7st to check if there's a defect! If so warranty would cover it - If not £1,400 for a clutch- flywheel if needed- another £600 - £2000 - I just laughed at that ! Looks at Indie garage- £750 - 800 fitted - extra...
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    Extortionate service price S3 8V

    Just had mine done - Indy - Audi Specialist- £160. Wheels off and brake check too.
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    Quick Service Question

    Just been quoted £323 for oil and filter ,pollen filter and Inspection! Haldex and Brake fluid due at 3 years. Indie here i come -
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    Quick Service Question

    Hi Guys- Have an inspection due in 26 days- current mileage 15,500. Is this just a charge for checking what might be due in 162 days !? Oil change due in 162 days. On variable plan. Haldex Oil @ 20,000 ? But will they change the filter !? Plan B - Go Indi ? Prost,Peter.
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    No answer from Audi!!!

    Send it on to Head Office -
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    UK group buy for MethodEffects 8V FL front splitter

    Mine didn't fit at all on my Face Lift - Three Door !
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    How many miles to expect from P zeros

    Just hit 10,600 myself - same as yourself- two new Generals on front - ( Continental Backing) Great Tyres.
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    New exhaust tips

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    Matt’s Defender Build Thread.

    Most views you've ever had Matt ! Lol ! Good Luck - Defending - Best Pete.
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    Buying an S3 in the next 3-4 months advice please

    Totally Agree - Great Service!
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    Local independent - using Audi parts and Castrol Oil - £129 - Mmm?
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    Facelift S3 custom Rear Diffusers

    Mmmm - typical!
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    Facelift S3 custom Rear Diffusers

    Rieger are announcing front splitter soon re face lift.
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    Res Delete, standard or something else

    Valves Open - - - Great !