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    Detail er in Essex?

    Hi , I am after someone who can detail my B7 Rs4,Inside and out and machine polish etc located in Essex? Any one recommend anyone? thanks
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    Best Audi Specialist in Essex?

    Hi I'm looking for an Audi specialist in Essex, for a few bits for the future maybe a map and power test on my B7 RS4, I have used "4rings" but doubt they could power test and map, I have heard AMD are very good? are there any more? Thanks
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    Oil Question??

    Thanks dude
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    RS4, South Woodham Ferris,

    I saw today a silver/grey RS4! Looked a nice clean one:)
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    Oil Question??

    Hi, I went to get a top up bottle from my car shop today, because the one in the boot is near empty, They only had Castrol edge fully synthetic 5 30 The one in the boot was the same but shell Helix, They both have the same oil codes on the label would it be ok to use the Castrol the car...
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    Best Alloy cleaner?

    Hi, I have recently got a new car, and noticed the wheels inside the rim are quite dirty I tried to clean them down today, but really need to take them off and clean them with a strong+but safe wheel cleaner, any recommendations? thanks
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    Sprint Blue RS4 B7 cleaning products?

    Thanks, last time for my s3 I got a load of bits from Pb online, after the stuff he recommended me from my email, I was so impressed with the results, but I have not got time to order this week, and want to clean it Sunday, Maybe I will try and go to Halfords and get some SRP+Sealent clay bar...
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    Bye S3.

    I only have a couple on my phone, I need to clean it back, and take some good ones
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    RS4 Advice

    I love the Advants the look of them is flawless Imo, but I would never need an estate, and love my saloon,!
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    Bye S3.

    Hi thanks. its the Sprint Blue I really like it, at first I wanted Daytona Grey with Black Optics, but I fell for this colour, Its got the Buckets, flat bottom steering wheel, tech pack, + milteck cats+and exhaust, Its sounds out of this world lol. Looking through the history its had some...
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    Bye S3.

    I will get some nice pictures at the weekend or so, but about to order some products to clean it, as the long drive home, has covered it with bugs, Great car! thanks
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    Sprint Blue RS4 B7 cleaning products?

    Hi, Im after some cleaning products, for my Audi in the color Sprint Blue. I Wondered if anycan can recommend some good products polish+ sealant etc. Thankyou:)
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    Hi new RS4 owner from Essex!

    Its a good move, they are Amazing!