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    Fitting the 710n diverter valve
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    Air con problems

    The seals can be changed but obv depends where its leaking...
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    Air con problems

    The compressor is below the Alternator,, probably 1 of the 2 seals there
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    S3 Special Editions?

    Tell them the errors and get money off ....:icon_thumright:
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    Quick question. PAS whining

    yes mine worked lose a tad and did the same just nipped it back up,..
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    Oil level sender

    Thought the sump connector was a temp sender, or maybe both? if its a level sender carnt you just bridge the wires?
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    Air con problems

    Usually leak around the valves, they should have pressure tested it first, condenser could be cracked too
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    What's is like driving around your town/village

    I dont get the new driving style of been flat on your back..... :think: no way they can react to an incident..madness most of the teenagers drive like that by me ...
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    business owners

    Very brave, but as long as people realize its not always rosy and things can go , but if you never try you will never know.. I was fortunate enough to be in a position to buy my company of my old boss (who was retiring) so it was all set up ..15 years later im still going strong, i...
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    Buying a house

    Yeah i know mate, just know a couple of familys who have lost there houses over the last 5 years through no fault of there own, a redundancy and the other was a terminal illness and there lives have been second chance or help as the banks got, its wrong IMO.
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    help needed for quick question

    Measure the standard bolt and add the spacer measurement on the new bolt, anything else cut down... unless its just a mm or 2
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    Buying a house

    Dont agree on repo auctions, why dont they just put a price on it, as any other sale would be, then the poor soul who lost the house might have half a chance of getting out of debt...... IMO of course.... and before people say well they do it for cars etc, bricks and mortar are different and...
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    hydrocarbons are usually found in recent head off engine work (contamination) but you can tell if its a fault as they will rise live if there is still a problem
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    Oil light driving me nuts

    Faulty pressure valve in the oil filter housing maybe?
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    What's needed to do head gasket on S3 bam?

    Fluids.... i would get new mani nuts/studs possible mani - turbo gasket?