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    Heated (blow) winscreen fault

    thanks for the link!!! strange i have the exact same car as the guy who asked the question! a 2003 a4 2.5tdi Quattro.
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    Heated (blow) winscreen fault

    Hello all, I jumped into my car tonight after a run and instintly steamed up the windscreen. When i pressed the Heated windscreen button the fans went from low to full speed, but the air only came out of the far right and far left forward facing adjustable vents. I tried setting the air to go...
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    Audi A4 2.5 180 Quattro Driving characteristics

    Thank you foryour input Mike, I am going to take it to a gravel car park and try tight turns if the rear is locking it will show much more with less resistance under the wheels.
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    Audi A4 2.5 180 Quattro Driving characteristics

    it feels slightly like the back is being dragged round as if the rear diff is locking and not letting the wheels turn at different speeds.
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    Audi A4 2.5 180 Quattro Driving characteristics

    Hi All I have recently purchased my fifth Audi this one being my third A4. This time i have gone for a 2003 A4 2.5 tdi 180 Quattro Avant replacing a 2002 a4 2.5 163 Multitronic Convertible and the first Quattro A4 (also had Quattro A3 and have a Quattro A5 Coupe) I have owned. the car has...
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    3 Letter car codes.

    Hi All I have been looking for rear Brake pads and discs for my A4 but there seems to be two types for the convertible depending on the codes 1KD or 1KP these are sized 245x10mm or 255x12mm. How do i find out which ones are for my car? I could measure them but would like to be a little more...
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    Multi-tronic gearbox issue - possible fix

    hi all A bit of Info that may help someone later. I recently purchased a 2003 2.5 TDI V6 Multitronic with a reconditioned gearbox, this was done by an gearbox specialist (not Audi). After driving a fantasic 500 miles home i started to drive it round my town only to have it try and kill me...
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    Bad time to sell a car

    I purchased my 2003 on ebay in Feb, i think you are asking a good price even a bit low! I would take out the info about the repair costs, as people will asky why you have not done the repair. Mention as much info about the Autobox service history, i bought mine with a recon gearbox but thats...
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    Audi gone This now in!

    I have driven one of these (my dad is a Seat dealer) it is fantastic the DSG is the only gearbox option , the power delivery is so linier. I am not supprised if you get sub 6 with 220bhp
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    A4 multitronic probs

    Sell it, trade it, auction it, sorry it's time to get rid of it. , i have my 2.5 tdi 2003 multi convertible at a garage with a different multitronic problems it's worth 7k. if i get told to get a gearbox it's on the trader by tommorow night. If you spend 5.5k on a 7k car your crazy, sorry to...
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    Soft top problem

    I may be telling you somthing you already know but the handle is hidden away inside the dash. In the hand book it shows the handle behind the left side pannel but on the uk cars it is behind the right had side pannel. It is red and you turn it clockwise to release it. again you may have already...
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    a4 multitronic problems... Whats new!

    Will89, yes it can be around the way i drive and i can minimalise the effects but really if only drive like my mother!
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    a4 multitronic problems... Whats new!

    Hi all I have read lots of pages on the web about faults with the multitronic gearbox but i have an issue that i have only found one question that matches my issue but there was no reply. My car is the 2.5 tdi multitronic it has 75k miles and had a recon box 2k miles ago. When i slow down...
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    To Quattro or not to Quattro that is the question!

    quattro all the way, I have had 2 FWD A4's and have a A3 Quattro 170 it is by far the best in all conditions and off the line it is excellent. Even my friend who has a type R knows he has no chance against a 170 quattro in all but the driest of roads. In snow it is simply amazing compared to...
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    Cvt multironic what is it

    Lots and lots about them on the web and lots and lots can go wrong! Although lots of tell tale signes to watch for when looking. My 2003 2.5 tdi has one and I bought it with a recon box at 73k super smooth to drive but pulling away can be interesting as the drive take up can be slow.