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    Facelift New headlights, erm, why ?

    Thanks I'm enjoying it so far. It's into the dealer on Wednesday for the UTR fitting that I had fitted in my s3 and only used for a few hundred miles. They are fitting it for free due to their s line car coming with film and not privacy glass as it should have. They didn't tell me it hadn't...
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    Facelift New headlights, erm, why ?

    I didn't want to go over the £40k new as I only drove 2k miles in the last year and only insure for 6k miles anyway It's a tdi s line avant 4 months old in glacier white. I downsized in September from a c43 to a bmw x2 but have gone back to an estate. The x2 was quite basic, cloth seats, no...
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    What Detailing / Car Care Products Have You Bought / Ordered Today?

    I've ordered a few things from Carchem after seeing Adam14's post. First time with them but worth a go at those prices. Shampoo, glass cleaner, tyre gel applicator and a couple of other things that I can't remember to take it to £26
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    Audi Centre Dispute

    If you weren't happy with it, why not just reject it and start again? I collected a 69 reg a4 avant with 5k miles on, on the 10th November, very quick handover due to the restrictions. I got it home and had a better look around it, told them I wasn't happy with deep worse than scratches on the...
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    Facelift New headlights, erm, why ?

    I've recently bought an a4 avant and love the new lights. There were lots of older models around but I made sure that I got the new lights. We are all different I suppose
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    Opinions on Wrap Colour

    Thanks Adam. Looks great. So many colours to choose from, I don't know how you decide. I wouldn't be doing it for a couple of years if I did it. Yours looks great
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    Opinions on Wrap Colour

    Hi Adam, I've only just noticed that your car is now wrapped. What a surprise from the white. It looks fantastic. I can't think of anything I'd want to swap the c43 for so might do this later on to change from the dreaded black. How long do they say it will last for? Did your insurance go up...
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    Looking for some advice, BMW 440i GC vs S3 Saloon

    Hi Olly, I've owned the 330d touring 15 reg, a few cars ago now and a 19 reg s3 saloon. I suggest you test drive both models that you are thinking about. I preferred the 330d to the s3. The engine/gearbox just seemed better. The acceleration in the bmw was more instant than the s3. I could...
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    Mercedes CLA 250

    Looks lovely Ron. Glad you like it. I haven't been through all of the dash displays yet. I think it's a case of sitting on the drive and looking through it. I have the matt oak look trim now but had the gloss black trim in the c250d. I just used to wipe it gently with a microfibre cloth (one...
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    Facelift Mudflaps

    My 19 reg saloon S3 came from the dealer with front and rears fitted
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    Trying to buy a Mercedes....

    Great news. I'm sure you will love it
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    Trying to buy a Mercedes....

    I can't see them losing a sale because of £330 even before Covid 19. It's good that you are cool about it though so they know you are happy to walk away. I doubt they would want that. I think you will get it Just out of curiosity, did they guarantee your part ex price? When I was going to...
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    Why so many owners on used S3's?

    Hi, I bought a pre registered 19 reg and only kept it a few months. It had around 2,000 miles on when I part ex'd it. I just didn't gel with it and went back to Mercedes. So that car with only 2,000 miles on would have had two owners for the next buyer. I don't usually keep cars long but that...
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    Next model A3

    All I know is you said your car had been valued at £2910 and I thought it would be worth more and you said it was on audi financing.
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    Next model A3

    My idiot other half just told me he has been emailing back and forth with Stratstones about swapping his a35 for a c43 coupe today! I'm annoyed that they are open and even more annoyed he's thinking of a car at this time. Stupid man. The part ex price they've offered is the same as before...