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    For Sale VCDS Hex-Can cable / Superchips Bluefin / MMI Lightning

    Sadly sold my 8V A3 1.8T, now selling bits n pieces left behind. Superchips Bluefin 'UNIT ONLY' BF06-VAGH-T. The flash remap was sold with the car, you can contact Superchips for more info on the compatibility of a new map with the unit. Asking £130 inc postage. Ross Tech VCDS Hex-Can- USB Cable...
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    Part search after install of Bilstein B12 and mini review

    Well, I got to install my new suspension, to say it went well is not quite right. First garage jacked up my car and told me that I am missing the splash guard just behind the front left wheel next to where the jack point area is, I cannot for the sake of me find any part number to search for a...
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    Lowering Springs

    Sportlines or Pro Kit? Looks good! I'm not a slammed kinda guy so they look pretty good. Eibach are quality items.
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    Lowering Springs

    I will be changing my suspension again in the very near future. I was on OE stuff on 17's, then went to 18's with a 26.5 " ground to fender gap. Changed to Solo-Werks coilovers then changed to 19's. Gnd to fender is now 25.5" Approx a finger gap. The coilovers are really comfy and at their price...
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    Phone mount for a3

    WOW!!!! That was blooming fast! Enjoy mate, good to help out.
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    Phone mount for a3

    I have a brodit with a magnet mount. Free of charge if you pay for postage! I had it on the for sale section, let me know if you want it.
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    Dashcam gem

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    Sline rear difuser

    No it doesn't fit. Been there done that! Cannot be modified to fit either.
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    Window surrounds wrapping

    I was looking at wrap but was going to DIY using smoke tail light tints. But as I am no brain surgeon with a scalpel, I have decided against and now getting some smoke plasti-dip, I want a slight translucent shine rather than full black out.
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    Alloy Wheel repair

    Looks like water has gotten under the clearcoat, is there a chip of some sort on the spoke? Can be fixed with some care and attention, need to strip that area sand away the corrosion, get back to clean diamond cut surface then re-etch and lacquer. Cost I am not too sure.
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Well what did I do to my A3 today?!?! I feel like a total TW@T! Kerbed my new alloy to kingdom come, pulled up to the car park ticket machine, pressed the button got the ticket, took my sunglasses off and moved forward, thought I'd put the sunnies in the holder and they dropped, took my hand off...
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    How many miles did you get from a full tank (all engines welcome)

    I'll play, Hong Kong, 70% city 30% motorway Model: A3 Saloon Engine: 1.8 (Bluefin Chip) Gearbox: S-Tronic Average Mileage: 340 (Chipped), 370 (Standard) From full tank to when the low fuel warning comes on.