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    Is 97 ron from costco worth the extra price ?

    Just a side question what petrol stations do 99ron? the highest I can find is 97 by Bp.
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    Car Wash & Detailing Nottingham/Lincolnshire area

    I own the joys of a Black. I try and keep it clean myself as much as possible, but I would really like to give it that extra bit of protection aswell as a real proper clean. I know yums detailing in Mansfield will take it for a few days, clean it properly and layer it in protection but I am just...
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    Facelift Audi Dealer "High Quality" service

    when looking on their Audi Approved Used range I am always skeptical when they talk about their exact 149 checks. Its easy enough just ticking 140 or so boxes on a bit of paper but I personally would want a video of a technician doing all said 149 checks. Just so it proves they actually do them...
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    Front end changes

    Yeah nice mate! I haven't seen that done before, you going to black out the 's3' aswell?
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    Advice/Mods for a new S3 owner???

    Yeah either way mate my honest opinion blacked badges look better than chrome or even no badges. If you can find them cheap enough probably better than spraying or dipping them yourself. Plus saves you the hassle
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    Advice/Mods for a new S3 owner???

    Question, you going to remove the badges or get black ones? If so where you going to get blacked badges from? Sorry this doesn't help your situation
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    S3 Airfilter

    Looking past the ' English Summer' and onto the wet winter period does anyone advise changing or doing anything to the air filter? I have a 67 s3 s tronic petrol which has only done 21k. Anyone came across any air filter problems? Coming from a Ford Focus Petrol Hence my worrying.
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    s3 front badge black

    That's the only one I have used. I'm sure others know someone else who does them. I'm sorry to be of no use.
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    s3 front badge black, give them a email with what you want. They should be able to do what you want
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    Hi Dan. Looking at insurance on an s3

    Hi Dan. Looking at insurance on an s3