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    Audi A4 facelift b8.5 halogen to factory bi-xenon

    How do you pass an MOT then?
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    Audi s4 is my clutch slipping?

    isn't the S4 box a DSG one and therefore has two clutch packs? could be one is worn more than the other... I am no expert so could be very wide of the mark!
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    Audi s4 is my clutch slipping?

    That sounds like clutch slip to me
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    Coolant replacement B8 S4.

    And I thought mine was low miles at 53k!
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    B8 S4 project thread

    well as much as I love this car a new business venture means it needs to go - anyone have any idea on how to value it? Still on 53k miles on the clock!
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    Newbie - help with S4 Avant with ADS and lowering springs

    I have H&R springs on mine and have no problems with the ADS
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    Help Please EPC?

    sounds like it could be bad petrol
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    Facelift Esso synergy supreme+

    The lack of ethanol allegedly means more power and better MPG or something, though how anyone is going to tell that in the real world I am unsure. I put a tankful in my GTR and it felt a bit peppier - perhaps...
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    Dealer wont budge on Price (£24k) - what can i ask for instead ?

    Cash is no longer king, in many respects dealers these days do not want cash, pcp, finance etc are worth more to them than a cash sale. You might well get a better deal by going the finance route and paying it off early with the cash in your pocket.
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    V-Power Ron reduction.

    I put Esso 99 in the Aston today, it was £1.44 a litre
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    V-Power Ron reduction.

    I've tried Esso in the GTR could well be placebo but it felt a bit perkier and I got slightly better MPG (super subjective in the GTR though!)
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    S4 Strut Brace

    pretty much yes, I did this a while ago and TBH haven't noticed any difference in handling at all.
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    Audi Centre Dispute

    I expressed an opinion on a forum nothing more and I stand by it. I think you have taken a genuine complaint and made such a fuss about it in such a way that nobody is interested in helping you resolve it. Furthermore looking at the way you have expressed yourself in this thread only reinforces...
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    Audi Centre Dispute

    Tbh I think you are being a bit Karen about all this. You said you got a great deal, just enjoy it and move on.
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    Audi drive select essential?

    yes - I have H&R springs fitted to my S4 with ADS. It is the shocks themselves that are the difficulty if you want fully upgraded suspension.