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    The potential of a 3.0 V6

    both cars are nice but for me its audi all day, gtr sounds great and very quick, audi 3.0 few mods quick also for alot less money nicer place to sit and looking than the other 2 mentioned lol.
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    Suzuka Grey RS5, just detailed

    stunning mate, best colour had it on the s3, need my s5 detailed!
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    Shaq's Suzuka Grey A5 Black Edition Plus

    hi mate lovely car, came from a suzuka grey s3 to ibis white s5 - such a nice colour in the flesh. and a do miss it !
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    One month on.....

    very nice, got my s5 3 weeks ago now and im the same, came from an s3. its a revo stage 1 what a car.
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    New S5 valet and detailing advice

    got my s5 2 weeks ago and guy before me got it applied with GuardX very happy with the protection, i use snow foam also but when i have spare time ill apply hd wax for extra protection. makes care much easier to clean i feel afterwards.
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    A5/S5 Picture Thread

    i was the same between the both, although coming from an s3 the s5 was better choice as rs3 is the same inside as the s3 both amazing cars
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    APR S5

    seen this vid other day beast
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    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Audi S3 Suzuka Grey 2010 For Sale.
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    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    stunning mate, what a colour!
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    Glasgow Audi - great customer service! Timing chain replacement.

    thats good mate, was there last week and was terrible service was getting my s3 valued never even looked at it or anything as i was going up to test drive an s4 which was not even in yet as the site was not updated after being told car would be ready for 2 that day, waited for an hour n half...
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    Really quick tyre pressure question

    mines 42 front 36 rear made such a difference as i had mines before at 34 all round.
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    Hi, was wondering if u still do the rs3 black grill and do u fit them also mate?

    Hi, was wondering if u still do the rs3 black grill and do u fit them also mate?
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    Comment by 'SparkyMcA' in media '[No title]'

    nice mate, alloys 19's?
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    My Nürburgring trip - a few pics on track

    nice pics, those rotar arm alloys 19's?
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    Best place to look for a S3?

    got mine from pistonheads also, seen it got it a week later!