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    Rear centre heater and driverside foot heater cold

    Suspect if you have heat elsewhere, then this is likely to be the motorised vents. Scan the car with VCDS and see what faults come up. Once you have a fault code you can search the forum, but likely to be a dismantle to access.
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    Diesel smell while idling/not moving

    Like all diesels, pull off the plastic cover in the engine bay and look at the injectors. Also get yourself under the car and look at the exhaust clamp. If it's original then it will be on it's way out (actually surprised...
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    A4 Avant rear wiper stopped working due to bike rack!

    Strip out the tailgate trim to investigate. Get a multi-meter on the 12v supply at the motor, could be the nylon cog has stripped internally. It's a Valeo part - and plenty on Ebay. There's a part-number sticker on the motor - so replace like for like.
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    Help Please 170 avant tdi quattro fuel consumption

    I had the B5 Avant version, sport suspension, most I ever managed was 44mpg, and that's when diesel was a few pennies more than petrol. Still miss the old girl. I checked recently its MOT, so it's just done 210k and going strong.
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    Audi Avant Electronic tailgate issue

    Does your model of B8 have the memory function in the tailgate, in as much as you could previously set the height of the tailgate? If you've tried the motors on and off without load, then I think you're right to suspect it's a sensor issue, that could hypothetically be linked to the motors. I...
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    allroad discontinued

    I hadn't heard that. I just checked Audi's site so A4 and A6 Allroad availble to configure and build. I know that by 2026 they are looking to phase out combustion engines including hybrids and switch to electric only, possibly continuing with combustion engines for Chinese market after 2033...
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    Audi Allroad brake strip down

    Just revisiting this again. After all the recent brake work (I renewed caliper dust sleeves and piston bore square seals front and back), and stripped down the rear electric handbrake to fit new 'o' rings' then reset with VCDS. My wife and my daughter helped me bleed the brakes, that's twice...
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    New B8 owner and panaramic sunroof water leak!

    Click on my user name and 'start conversation'.
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    New B8 owner and panaramic sunroof water leak!

    What do you need to know? .. Assuming it's not the drainage tubes, then it's the sunroof itself. I'll be as tactful as I can. .. it's ******! So Webasto produce these parts, and it's not limited to Audi, but SEAT, Skoda, and Volkswagen, so across the VAG range. Basically it's in the sunroof...
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    Audi Allroad brake strip down

    I know they are Volvo videos - but I can't find anything Audi related. They are basically the same. Looks like the original poster of the videos on YouTube has restricted access to sharing - (that's a first for me!) :readit: Search under 'volvo v70 electric brake caliper disassembly' and...
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    B8.5 What headlights type i've got?

    Check the N/S rear and front. There's adaptive level sensors fitted to the suspension.
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    Discs - Drilled, Slotted or Regular

    As far as I know Zimmermann were OE spec on BMWs, but like anything you'll find good and bad reviews. I went for coated versions to cut back on rust. Think Textar are OE too on BMW. There's so many makes, but if it's German made that's good enough for me. Add in Meyle, etc.
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    Vibration when driving over 60mph

    Check wheels to see if they are hot, seized brake caliper piston or sliders? Coast to a stop, etc. Could be a wheel bearing, but more likely to hear a loud hum at 50mph. For vibration to be as bad as described you'd notice play in wheel if you jack up the car. You've ruled out tyres (you can...
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    Discs - Drilled, Slotted or Regular

    Depends how you drive and what you expect from the car. I can't comment on drilled or slotted, as I've never driven a car hard enough to demand them. If it's for your S4, what was OE specification? I did the brakes on my A4 Allroad earlier in the year and put on Zimmermann discs and pads all...
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    Help Please 170 avant tdi quattro fuel consumption

    I think there are two thermostats on the B8 2.0TDI. Couple of Dave Sterl videos. This is for CJCA 2.0 TDI engine. Not same issue, but interesting all the same on CRB 2.0TDI engines on newer models that use G13 coolant.