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    DAB with DIS display on 8P chassis

    I'm running 3 different Xtrons units in my A3 fleet at the mo and you dont get anything on the DIS. The steering wheel does up/down volume and switches between sources. It doesn't make the tea though.
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    Which door speakers

    6.5" in the front. Not sure what is in the rear doors of a Sportsback. Dynaudio Esotec or Esotar aftermarkets are my choice. Dont confuse Dynaudio installed in VW OEM. It is utter sh*t compared with Dynaudio aftermarket.
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    Introduce a mandatory prison sentence for vehicle theft.

    I covet your asset ... and therefore I will take it from you ... What's not to like ?
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    Hill Hold A3 3.2 2006

    My car is a DSG model with all the toys except this one.
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    Hill Hold A3 3.2 2006

    I was out in the US on business in January and managed to get hold of the following unit delivered to my hotel: 1K0 614 517 S Do you think it supports Hill Hold?
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    Dead battery possibly due to Canbus??

    I'd sort if for you if I was local. I've a pretty good idea what the problem is. Seen this before and am pretty sure your interior network is not going to sleep with the ignition key out. I would reckon Ash and co can help you out if they are local. I can run the oscilloscope over the network...
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    Dead battery possibly due to Canbus??

    200mA is still too high (but a lot better than 5A!!). 0.2* 24hrs *21days = 100Amps. I would suggest that your battery is around the 75amp range (check on the side of the casing for the storage capacity). So, you would drain a fully charged, brand new battery between 2 and 3 weeks in theory...
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    Silicon Hose Kit for Audi A3 3.2 (Quality or Fake)

    Thanks guys for your comments. I dont know anything about silicon hoses so that info on 3 ply vs 5 ply is useful. My car is standard and wont be turbo charged but is a keeper. So was just wondering whether to change them over. I offered £250 but he wouldn't budge below £290. I assume there is a...
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    Central Scotland (Ideally Edinburgh) Audi Sport Specialists

    Yeah. Mentioned Ecotune in Thread #2. My mates TTS is an utter beast thanks to DHA and ECO. Audi Performance out on the 29th March 2018 I believe.
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    Dead battery possibly due to Canbus??

    If you've identified the circuit, then take off the items that fed by that the circuit one by one and measure the parasitic drain. You might want to call in a proper auto-electrician, not the twats that just read fault codes and call themselves auto-electricians.
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    Dead battery possibly due to Canbus??

    Read post #10 perhaps?
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    New headunit ?

    Totally agree with your last statement ab1702 based on my Xtrons A3 install.
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    Dead battery possibly due to Canbus??

    Kindof. You'll need to get a multimeter and put it on Amps to measure parasitic drain. To measure amps the unit must be placed in series... ie take the -ve lead off the battery and connect the multimeter leads between the negative lead and battery negative. There are usually two amp ranges on...
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    Hmmm ... I'm now not sure .... as I said in a previous post I prefer sleepers, so I'll tread carefully. In my mind, the rear black window is now the anchor point and everything on this view needs to align with it shade wise. ie not the same black but variations on it. I'd have preferred a...
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    New headunit ?

    I took ages too. I'd advise octocore for speed. Bootup time is 1 to 2 secs. The Alpine W928 (Flagship till 2016 is 20 secs plus in my wife's SLK ... and the Alpine unit is C R A A P ... utter C R A A P) A variation on the W928 was put into a Tesla roadster and fired off to an asteroid belt the...