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    power upgrades for 2.0 ltr TDI suggestions

    in a diesel you're not gonna be going fast anywhere :ninja: (i'm done trolling now - had to get it out of my system, sorry lol)
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    Order lockdown?

    call anyway. someone else should be able to change things. i've had someone call the factory to add extras to an order that was already placed on a spec changable model, so cutting it REALLY fine. it can be done.
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    power upgrades for 2.0 ltr TDI suggestions

    it's not that easy surely. you'd need to spend money on brakes and suspension as well if you were going all out so more than £5k :p
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    power upgrades for 2.0 ltr TDI suggestions

    well, it'll get you TBE, CAI and remap. on my 2.0T that would give me around 50-60bhp or so which is not insignificant.
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    Looking for Advice on A3 170 TDI Quattro S-Line

    i think the 2nd facelift cars MY09 onwards had the Gen4. the differences are different front ends, wing mirrors, rear bumper and rear lights as well as a few interior changes. the car just needs the same tyres on all 4 wheels, treads don't matter. make sure the haldex has been serviced new...
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    ^dislike :p
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    here's my car with BBS Pescaras. i know they're not CHs, but they look basically the same. i'm not really a fan of the CSs tbh. i think that Speedlines look better, and they're splits as well best of luck with your decision.
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    Good film. Interesting premise, and very entertaining. Not much of a "thinker" tho, if you know what i mean
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    New S3 Questions....

    riiiiight... this is very helpful, thank you.
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    New S3 Questions....

    are we sure about this? i thought the A/C button was the same as the "ECON" button the the 8P1/8P2
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    Collect the S3 on Thursday

    yeah basically they turn the headlights to follow the road. my parents' Merc has them and they're brilliant. congrats on the new car, but you should be expecting more like 250mi out of the tank, not 300mi lol.
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    power upgrades for 2.0 ltr TDI suggestions

    if you've got a DPF then DPF delete is meant to give you 25bhp - don't hold me to that, i read that in passing and i don't own a derv so i don't have a clue about tuning it!
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    Front "parking" sensors

    Nope there wouldn't have been anything like that on RNS-E
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    Split rim refurb

    any Audi approved sprayer should be able to do this for you
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    Another coolant leak thread...

    they told me a part didn't exist that i was physically holding my hand. you'd be surprised lol