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    Front/rear washers and rear wiper not working 2008 A3

    Thanks for the reply :) All the problems happened at the same time. The pump for the washer jets isnt running so i dont think its a nozzle issue. They were all working fine, then all stopped working, along with the rear wiper.
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    Front/rear washers and rear wiper not working 2008 A3

    Hi, Ive been searching the web for ages, without any luck. Ive got a problem whereby both front and rear washer jets dont work, and also the rear wiper does not work. From what i can make out from the diagram, they are both fed from the same supply - but i cannot find anywhere which relay is...
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    Hi Mate, Just wondering if you are around this weekend to enable cruise control on a 2008 A3 ...

    Hi Mate, Just wondering if you are around this weekend to enable cruise control on a 2008 A3 ? Ill come to you if you are! Cheers Chris.
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    Opinion on this S3?

    Mines up for 6.5 with 30k more miles, but good condition etc.. pm me for details/look in the classifieds. (shameless plug)
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    LAZY temperature needle !!!!

    i had the same problem. Took ages to warm up and rarely reached 90 degs. Changed the sender first - no change. Changed the stat and problem sorted.
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    Disconnected cable - but what's it for?

    yep spot on. Its not electrical wiring its either an overfill pipe when its get too high up the filler neck or a breather.
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    Bose in all S3s

    ive got bose and i think it sounds very clear and ive never heard it distort up high really. Unless your putting it up ear bleeding loud. Its perfectly fine for everyday use and normal sound levels imho.
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    S3 at night under streetlamp

    yea problem was that with a lower aperture you obviously have to have a very long s/s and it was a bit too windy for that. Yea i think lower down would have looked much better.
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    S3 at night under streetlamp

    thanks, will try that ! Need to get a better tripod though as mine is just a cheapo one that does move alot.
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    S3 at night under streetlamp

    Hi, Got so many normal day photos of the S3, i decided to try something else. I think it came out ok but has a bit of camera shake (was expected with 6s s/s - was a tad windy on a flimsy tripod) Also a bit random, but some interesting photos from the most recent goodwood revival...
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    Turbo pressure noise under acceleration - help me tell dealer what to look for!

    hm... Ive got this, but i know why lol. It got noticable when i put a pipercross panel filter in, and even more so now with a cone. I always thought it was normal, someone on here explained it was normal a while back i think. mine only does it under low boost, on full throttle/full boost it...
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    New to this site - Problem with Audi A3

    temprature sensor, and probaly the thermostat aswel. edit: just noticed youve already replaced the temp said above - go with maf next.
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    dont think u can replace the tailpipes on their own - you would have to get a new backbox which seems a waste of money when you could just spend a few hours cleaning them.
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    yep did that with mine as they were very black, and they come up brand new :)
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    MAF readings after Jetex filter.

    yea although some of them are using massive bins, i just bought the S3 kit.