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    What parts will fit Ttrs 8j off my S3 8p?

    Hi everyone. I'm currently looking at buying a Ttrs 8j. I have a modified S3 8p at the moment and debating stripping the parts off it to sell separately. Im wondering if any of the parts from my S3 will fit the rs. My car is a manual and I'm looking for an auto Ttrs if that makes a difference ...
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    Clutch line issue. Help!

    Hi everyone, I've got an issue with my clutch line. The first time it happened was boxing day. Basically the line has popped out of the bleed valve as I've been pressing the clutch pedal. I replaced the line for a braided one and bought the non restricted bleed valve like the ecs one. This has...
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    audi A3 blacked out front grille

    I've got a genuine one for sale in the classifieds off my s3. Pm me if your interested.
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    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Selling my genuine black optics grill from my 2009 s3. £100+ postage
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    Bilstein B14 PSS

    I haven't got the part numbers sorry and I can't remember how much they were as I bought a load of other parts at the same time. If you get in touch with Mike through the parts request on here, he'll be able to sort them out for you. That's were I got mine from.
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    Bilstein B14 PSS

    Personally I'd put new top mounts on and I did when I put my b14 kit on. I went for the rs3 top mounts.
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    Catch can install

    Hi Michael. Just wondered if you found out how to get a catch can on the r-tech pcv delete? I'm looking into this currently, but I'm not sure if it's just a case of connecting both the breather pipes to the same can as the ones I've looked at seem to have an inlet and outlet?
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    R-Tech pcv delete question

    I think most of the pcv delete kits and catch can setups you can buy off the shelf only delete the front part of the pcv. the rear pcv is still going straight back into your turbo. Most of the pcv delete kits are useless in my opinion as they're just getting rid of the valve which can fail, but...
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    K03 or k04?

    If you've got an S3 it's a k04. If you have an A3 it's a k03 unless it's been converted to a k04. Other than that you would have to look at the part number on the label on the turbo itself
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    R-Tech pcv delete question

    I know what you mean. I don't like the smoke either but after cleaning my valves and about to fit a new turbo I don't want all the crap going back in there to block it up. Ideally at some point I'll be putting the 2 hoses to a catch can with a breather on it. They probably haven't fitted the...
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    R-Tech pcv delete question

    That pipe looks like a cut off standard pipe. The r-tech kit has longer rubber hoses and should be routed down to below the car, not left to vent in the engine bay
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    Quick rim question.

    As above, 225s will be your best bet. I run 19x8.5 et43 rotors with 225/35/19 tyres on my s3 and don't have any issues.
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    Turbo and injector advice

    Sorry, should have said. Car is a 58 plate s3 already running stage 2+ unicorn. I've already got the rs4 fuel valve on, and already bought the turbo. I'd have loved the tte but just couldn't afford it at the moment as I new I'd have to do injectors and in tank fuel pump with that turbo also...
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    Turbo and injector advice

    Hi everyone. Just after some help and advice. First of all I've got a bbt hybrid turbo to fit to my car. Just wondered if anyone has a guide or any tips to swapping the turbo over? Next up is about injectors. Do I need any upgraded ones, ie rs4? The turbo will only take me to 390-400 bhp. If...