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    New 2020 A3 - S3 with 333BHP

    Not a hope in hell the new RS3 will be out in Sep this year.
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    New 2020 A3 - S3 with 333BHP

    Where did you read the new S3 will get 333hp? Everywhere I've read so far states only 306 same as out going model, although that must be crap since there's talk the new golf R will get, surprisingly, 333hp ! Interesting the comments on here about 2021 RS3, surely it will be roughly 100hp up on...
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    Exhaust tip coating issue

    Sorry i maybe being blunt but its an exhaust, what do you expect ! Not surprised by Audi response.
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    Battery Fault?

    Thinkware Fx pro...
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    Depreciation of new RS3 vs. new S3

    Hill hold parking assist is a no brainer and for 80quid its the best option available. Absolutely essential where i live with pretty big hills as i need to park on street, stops you from rolling back and hitting the car parked behind when changing from reverse to foward gear.
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    Boot leak, water in battery compartment.

    All sorted. The seal area at the boot locking catch had failed.
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    Boot leak, water in battery compartment.

    Its an FL sportback 67plate. The garage is saying its the boot lid seal, if its the one i checked i.e tge one around the boot door frame then it looked fine to me. I'll get back tomorrow hopefully this fixes this space.
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    Boot leak, water in battery compartment.

    Hi all, Anyone else had an issue with water leaking in to the boot and collecting in the battery well ? I had to replace a wheel nut cap as one had fallen off, the spares were in the boot with the jack and stuff, I lifted up the boot floor and low and behold i could see water droplets over the...
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    Facelift Daza engine caput......

    Yep no sympathy from me here. Simple logic, if you try and push a stock engine to anywhere near +100% of its stock rated output you're asking for trouble. Nothing wrong with an extra 10-20% but some people are simply greedy.
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    New RS3 spied being tested

    You've got at the very least 2yrs till you see that on the road.
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    Auto locking ?

    Nope not keyless in the RS or the previous S3 which did auto lock.
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    Auto locking ?

    Ok thanks for that. Pretty sure my old S3 used to lock itself after a period of time once you got out and took your key with you.
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    Auto locking ?

    Anyone know how to ensure the car locks itself automatically when left for a period ? I thought these RS3's did it, the previous S3 i had did auto lock after 30secs or so.
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    Audi Super Sports Seat in Silver/White Leather?.

    I looked at these but decided on black. Such a shame Audi don't offer other colours, a nice tan, and a red. Thats one thing BMW does have right.
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    After some advice.

    I think you need to read this link on Exhaust Valve Controllers...