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    2.0T FSI excessive mpg and oil usage

    I have a 2010 211ps tfsi - Same thing - There apparently is a known issue with piston rings on this engine?? My car is going in for new rings next week (under warranty). Get the dealer to do a 'consumption test' - it involves the car being topped up, oil dropped, weighed, refilled then running...
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    Q7 eats front tyres regardless. NS front left on the outside especially.
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    Just bought a q7- have a few questions

    Guess you probably know this already but you will need to add the BT phone unit - its pretty easy if you have the colour Nav unit. You cant stream through BT but you could buy the dension GW to do all of this inc playing from USB, Ipod etc. I had pan roof on my old one, it was fine but the rear...
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    Emisson control light on. DIAGNOSTIC RESULTS ADDED (from breakdown people)

    Yes it does - there is a known issue with the manifold runners on the 3.0 tdi engine where the linkages breaks and stops working.
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    Maybe I should skick to driving than mountainbiking ?

    Ouch - Great air tho!.. get yourself some pads! - your mates got the right idea and a full face lid if you are doing jumps . 661 are pretty good - i never go without them as sods law - Nice tracks there tho..
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    PS3 not reading discs?

    dont dispair - its the laser - you can buy the new laser unit on ebay for abotu £40 - if you are ok at electronics/dismantling, its not hard to change. You need to identify which laser you have.. There are a few types - the fat original ps 3 uses the basic laser and is probably the easiest to...
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    HTC desire HD

    Same here - I have the desire Z which has a superb keyboard (cant get on with the soft keyboards). but battery is an issue and it is down to data sync. I have my works email pushed to it plus watch out for apps and widgets that sync in the background (there is an option to stop this). Things...
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    samsung galaxy s2

    I have the galaxy tab - its excellent - was tempted witht he S2 as the screen is awesome but went for a HTC desire Z as I need the fold out keyboard. For me the tab is better than the ipad in cost , expandability, size and the fact it plays flash... The bigger 10 in tab will be interesting
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    Any chance of starting a NSFW missus' tattoos! :laugh:
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    Phatnoise Audi

    Hi all, Just about to post up 2 phatnoise systems for sale - 20 gig disks PM me if interested ; want 80 quid plus postage -
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    Need for Speed- Hot Pursuit

    me too
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    How to take in Dash 6 Disc CD Changer out?

    Thats not the correct way of removing and you risk snapping the lugs in the vent or bending the chrome trim as the vents overlap the cd changer by a good few mm with chrome trim - guess you dont follow the workshop guide and yours was ok...
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    How to take in Dash 6 Disc CD Changer out?

    He has the keys for the changer - you need a special vag tool to release the air vent correctly - (its basically a hook with a handle on it)
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    How to take in Dash 6 Disc CD Changer out?

    Dont just pull it - there are release lugs either side of the vent accessable through the slats - I'll try and post an elsawin pic.
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    A5 Heated seats

    very unlikely to zero chance...