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    Wanted Black 8p RS3 exhaust tail pipes

    I take it the 'co pilot' approved ? Great to finally meet up today and, dare I say, those rims are really too good for winter!!
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    Wanted Black 8p RS3 exhaust tail pipes

    Lol! Do you guys like chillies? I’ve got a glut of scotch bonnets that need a good home! Only 10-15 of them
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    Wanted Black 8p RS3 exhaust tail pipes

    Aha!! I’d forgotten about these!! Pm sent
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    Wanted Black 8p RS3 exhaust tail pipes

    As in the title, my chrome items are beyond redemption so I’m after some tasty looking powder coated black ones. Thanks in advance :)
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    Looking to buy

    Good work Simon, got any pics to share?
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    Tidy looking Ibis white spotted tonight, 11/7 in Shrewsbury on the inner bypass, wife was in our Suzuka Grey
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    Cards against humanity

    hi all! I’ve had the pleasure of owing a deck of cards against humanity for a while now and have multiple add ons including the close to the bone ‘guards against insanity’ which I would recc to anyone with a more twisted humour. The question is, what card game do I go for now that the...
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    Mini Review - Turtle Wax Hybrid Sealant Hydrophobic Wax

    Top marks here also, used tonight just after rinsing and 1 panel at a time..... stunning gloss effect on a Suzuka grey. Not too much effort to take off but I echo @SiPie , less is more!
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    The Welsh Mach Run

    Just stumbled across this on FaceBook, The main event is on the 29th of September 2019 but it looks like they are having a mini-run on the 7th of July. If you look up 'mach run' on Facebook the details...
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    Mini Review - Turtle Wax Hybrid Sealant Hydrophobic Wax

    @Bristle Hound - great mini review :thumbs up: On the back of this, I ordered from Amazon and they did 2 500ml bottles for 15 sovs delivered! The online reviewers are loving this product and to be honest after watching you tubers try to destroy its hydrophobic properties I was sold :) Will...
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    stoke area

    Count me in for a meet at staffs Audi
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    Midlands ASN Member List

    tig202 - Steve- 8p RS3 - Shrewsbury
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    Gear change snatch

    Just a brief update, sent an email to Hereford Audi at 10.45am outlining the fault I was having, less than an hour later Roadside Assist was with the car checking for faults, 20 mins later its at Shrewsbury Audi being booked in for checks and 2 hours after my initial email we are having an A5...
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    Gear change snatch

    @JayA3sline cheers for that bud, I do have a friend who is workshop controller at my local dealer, I will have a word with him to see if they would be willing to try this for me. It is quite a jolt and it’s almost like the clutch is dragging.