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    Anyone hardwired a dashcam yet (with parking monitor feature)

    Off the top of my head it wasnt a black bolt, you should see a silver bolt which is one of the mounting bolts used for the dash.
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    What I don’t like about my A3

    Ok here goes 1. Agree with the adjusting the temperature, too many clicks 2. If you have the temp setting to Low, when you switch off the engine and get back in it sets it to 16. (my old mk7.5 golf would remember the setting) 3. The limitations of the steering wheel button - i would like to be...
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    Rubber Car Mats

    The S3 8Y front mats only come in LHD, as far as I am aware.
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    Rubber Car Mats

    Hi Has anyone been able to source some aftermarket rubber floor mats for the sportback (S3, RHD). I know Audi do ones that fit but they have the A3 logo and not S3 logo, so was looking for some plain rubber ones.
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    The VED is calculated at time of registering the car, and not at time of ordering (according to the DVLA). I am appealing this as when I ordered the car, the list OTR price (minus the first year road tax) was under, but now over. Luckily the dealer will be paying the additional rate as I...
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    Anyone hardwired a dashcam yet (with parking monitor feature)

    The spaces i used were the mini blade size (i believe)
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    Anyone hardwired a dashcam yet (with parking monitor feature)

    Finally finished hard wiring the dash cam today. I used trim tools to gentle prise the roof trim so that I could push the wire behind it, I also used this technique for the A pillar. Using the fuse box behind the glovebox I found 2 locations that didn't have any fuses, but upon testing I found...
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    Additional Road Tax

    When I ordered my S3 I made sure that the car would fall under the Additional Road Tax bracket, which I was informed that it would be. Audi then increased their prices. I then confirmed prior to delivery that the car would still fall (even thought the new price is over). I was told then yes...
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    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    I phoned my dealer about another issue I have with the S3 and he told me that he has ordered an A3 for a customer and the build week is 18, not sure of the trim/engine but he did mention the C&S pack.
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    Anyone hardwired a dashcam yet (with parking monitor feature)

    I have the Garmin 65w (i think). I had it installed in my previous car. I wasnt bothered about not being able to record from the rear). I also wanted it to be small. The mounting type was also an option as some require you to stick the mounting plate on the windscreen and I didint want that...
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    Anyone hardwired a dashcam yet (with parking monitor feature)

    Mid process of wiring mine in, i'll let you know which fuse location i'll use
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    I wanted to create playlists on the usb drive that is attached to one of the usb ports. I have my whole music collection on a laptop and I copied this to the root of the USB drive. I have the music sorted by artist, then Album title, unless its a compilation album then these are located in a...
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    Wireless Android Auto

    Dont think it can be done via wireless, currently. I too have the same issue and I took the option of the audi phone box. so if i use android auto and need to use the cable then the wireless charging is of no use to me. I have spoken to the dealer and they think it might be in a future...
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    Steering Wheel Button

    Loving the S3 so far, but a bit disappointed you cannot config the steering wheel button as your drive select. I know there's a drive select button on the centre console but sometimes you just what a quick change. Is there anyway of doing this via odbeleven ? Surely its just a software tweak.