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    A4 (B6) 2.5 TDi - engine running badly - advice needed

    Jay, that's seriously nice of you mate, but (fingers crossed) I hope I won't need to take you up on it :) Yeah, correct oil and regular changes does seem to be key when it comes to cam wear. I think I'll keep it as it is in such good condition and low mileage... and drives beautifully, and as...
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    A4 (B6) 2.5 TDi - engine running badly - advice needed

    It does sound noisy... but a presumed this is how they sound as I'd not heard it running before the damage. They are a fairly agricultural engine compared to modern diesels. If it goes forwards and backwards quickly enough I wouldn't worry too much :) Still, I am wondering if I should trade it...
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    A4 (B6) 2.5 TDi - engine running badly - advice needed

    jay, Many thanks for your advice and very kind offer of tool loan. i've actually got the car running now. It was a broken intake cam on 1,2,3, and broken hydraulic equalisers on exhaust cam on 1,2,3. both cams and followers on 4,5,6 were fine. No apparent valve damage and timing of both cams was...
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    Leaky lloyd.. Good name for a plumber?!!? :) car looks well too! Back on thread: Aren't S-Lines a cockhair lower as well?
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    reccomended cleaning gear!!!

    can't go far wrong with dodo juice... or take a look at Elite Car Care
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    Audi A4 Headlights.

    Iv'e got a broken clip on my headlight... I'd be interested at £50 if you can't get rid, but can't justify any more. I'll pay postage or collect. Good luck otherwise. cheers mik. 07595 588 688
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    Just bought me some KW variant 2 coilovers :), But!

    2nd pic looks like it has some movement on the spring platform...or maybe not.
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    Get your 18" alloy pics out for the lads.

    B6 Avant on A8 parabolics... if you can find any!! Don't mind the 'modified' front end :)
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    2.5 Tdi engine running badly - advice needed

    Oh Lord! i've just re-read your post (adamss24) "...and most likely the pistons would take a big hit.." Holy kak on a stick. Motor in bits then...
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    2.5 Tdi engine running badly - advice needed

    Yeah it's a BDG... got three broken lobes on intake cam and three broken hydraulic equalisers on the exhaust.. all on cylinders 1,2,3. The more i think about it the more it looks like very bad news -like a skipped timing belt and bent valves. So to save my bank manager from an early grave I'm...
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    18" 5 spoke on A4 B7 S-line saloon. Which tyres?

    that's a decision made as far as I'm concerned! Nice one.. you've just saved me a packet!
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    A4 (B6) 2.5 TDi Sport - does it have self-levelling suspension?

    Just wondering why most Coilover companies exclude the Sport model from their lists? Does it have self-levelling suspension or something odd? Cheers mik
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    What annoys you most about people you work with??

    I hate that they breathe.
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    2.5 Tdi engine running badly - advice needed

    So here's the news for anyone interested. Audi have sent a replacement cam, but this one's solid! I queried why solid when the extg is hollow. Audi Bradford had no idea so they messaged Audi Germany. reply was that the cam design had changed, they are now solid (admission of design fault?) and...
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    Car's gave itself a oil change.... Now its like a new car.

    did I really read that you checked your oil a few MONTHS ago?!?!? :salute: