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    PCW Exhausts - Modified Resonators and Backboxes

    Thanks i will get mine done sounds awesome
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    My S5 intro!

    Welcome, good to see another S5 with mods
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    For Sale Dtuk Tuning box S4/S5-B9

    Why are you removing it ? how good are they?
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    My S5 B9 Sportback

    Installed the rear lights happy with the look
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    My S5 B9 Sportback

    Hey Bells, I have some already. So you selling soon? hope to see you at the show mate
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    Attending list Aitp 8th August 2021

    1. Administrators 2. Audispy 3. Sequence 4. JG51 AUD + Ryan 5. Macdoon 6. @Steff s3 7. R55 MRU 8. B7/RS4 9. dan a7 10. RobinA3 - Rocketwires LTD trade stand :) 11. AudiNutta 12. Jimladallen 13.PeteRS3lee 14. 1664hatter (RS3) 15.Harvey (+wifey) 16.Andy_Brown 17. Chewy69 18. RS3_Simon 19. V6Quatt...
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    My S5 B9 Sportback

    Thank you
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    My S5 B9 Sportback

    That looks amazing I like!!
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    My S5 B9 Sportback

    ok cool do you have a pic??
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    My S5 B9 Sportback

    Hi Guys, I am in the completion stage of my S5 Sportback i recently changed from an S5 black coupe with similar mods. I wanted to get your opinion on the upgraded tinted OEM rear dynamic lights do you think they would suit the Daytona Grey colour? Help thoughts appreciated :thumbs up:
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    The Official RS5 photo thread...

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    RS5 B9 - Matrix Leds

    look for the sweeping indicators on the front