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    Hello and the usual question from a noob

    TBH I think you will get more complete answers from an Audio - Audi forum... Have you looked on AudiWorld's audio forum? There are some no-it-alls on there. Not wishing to send you from here, but it looks like you've waited for long enough hey.
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    Only sat in it . . . .

    I'm happy to wait 2-3 years when it is in the price bracket of us normal folk. A great car though :anbet:
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    Stutter at low revs

    95 or 98RON wont make any difference. It sounds like it could be a number of things, but my guess would be the MAF.
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    A8 / A8 Sport HELP please!

    If you can stretch to a 1999 - 2003 then there was a facelift which brings the dash especially more up to date (for either the std or sport model)
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    A8 L

    Yes the L is for LWB, to be honest the rear leg room in the SWB is great, but for taking clients in the back it is worth it. It does have a downside thoygh for the sporty driver, it affects the ride and cornering, but not such a deal for the 3.0TDI.
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    Fitting an Aftermarket Amp/Sub into an 2003 AUDI A8 intergrated system?

    The D3 system is very different to the D2. The D3 system is a MOST system with a data bus.
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    A8 bootlid/trunk problem

    I suspect that you have got this sorted by now... it is a common problem. Take a look at AudiWorld where it has been covered a few times.
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    New Owner Teething Questions

    VAG-Com is a diagnostic tool (software and comms lead) to interogate fault codes and such like. Unfortunately with most modern vehicles it is not easy to do without such a tool. VAG-Com would tell you what sensors are giving out of the norm readings and will display logged error codes.
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    Looking at an A8

    I'm now on my second A8 :o.k: My first was a D2 shape 4.2Q (2000 reg) I bought that at 2ysr old with 92k on the clock, I took a bit of a risk I know, but at the price it was I couldn't resist. As it happened it wa the second best car I have ever owned. As for fuel consumption... guess it...